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Selfpackaging and the Environment

1 Jun

Every June 5th, World Environment Day is celebrated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The organization is the world’s largest global environmental outreach platform and has been celebrating this day worldwide since 1973 for thousands of people. Each year a different country represents it, this 2022 the host country and organizer is Sweden.

In Selfpackaging sustainability is an important and fundamental pillar within our company, we are always committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. 

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Selfpackaging and the Environment


Why use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging

If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging you are in the perfect place. On our website you will find a collection of sustainable boxes where you can package your products and gifts in an easy and eco-friendly way. From shipping boxes to bottle boxes or invitations, perfect for delivering packages in an eco-friendly way. 

You can take a look at all the options we have available on our website, find your perfect packaging while taking care of the environment.


Selfpackaging and the Environment


How to help the environment with recycled cardboard

Do you want to know what recycled cardboard is? Recycled cardboard is one of the most common materials in our daily lives, it is the “king” of the so-called ecological packaging, present in different products and used for different purposes: from shipping boxes, cosmetic or consumer products packaging, to take-away food packaging.  

Thanks to its high reusability, we reduce a large amount of waste, because for every ton of recycled cardboard we release two cubic meters of waste in landfills! 

But the benefits go beyond freeing up space, because for every ton of cardboard or paper in general that is put in a container for recycling, we save 140 liters of oil, 50,000 liters of water and avoid the emission of 900kg of CO², one of the main causes of climate change. 

The importance of recycling, whether cardboard or any other material, lies in making society aware of its advantages. According to the Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers (ASPAPEL), in Spain we collect and recycle 75% of this material, and we expect it to continue to increase in the coming years, reaching 100%.


Selfpackaging and the Environment


Cardboard or plastic, which pollutes more?

The answer is clear, plastic. A material that takes a long period of time to decompose, depending on the type, between 100 and 10000 years to degrade. In addition to being its production process, it is very polluting to the environment.

Cardboard, on the other hand, does not generate waste in its production, is economical and recyclable. So it is still a more sustainable and interesting option for packaging and presenting your products.


Do you have a business? Increase your sales with sustainable packaging!

Sustainable packaging is designed to protect the environment from the waste we generate with packaging. It is based on the circular economy which involves reducing, recycling and reusing materials as often as possible. In this way, the life cycle of materials is extended and added value is created for the product.

One of the main environmental problems of our century is plastic waste pollution, and it has been shown that at least one third of the plastic manufactured is used in packaging. That is why many companies have become aware of the need to reduce its use: in turn, they have begun to use cardboard, among other things, to create packaging and products that are more sustainable for the planet.


Benefits of sustainable packaging for your brand:


1. You decrease your carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint is a measure created to quantify the impact of an activity or product. It is based on the set of greenhouse gases, and is very practical to be able to study the current situation in order to create a strategy to reduce or offset emissions. The use of environmentally friendly packaging reduces its carbon footprint, releasing fewer emissions during production than traditional packaging, and also uses less energy resources.


2. Improve brand image

Eco-friendly packaging has become a necessity for many consumers. Getting your products to be or to be shipped in a sustainable way projects an image of a responsible and ethical company, improving the values of the company and therefore the brand image. This provides an emotional value to the end user, making them feel part of the brand’s responsibility and commitment. In fact, studies show that customers feel more positive about a company that uses environmentally friendly packaging.


3. Healthier for consumers and products

Environmentally friendly packaging materials are more convenient for manufacturers and consumers. Unlike chemical-laden synthetics, sustainable packaging materials tend to be free of harmful byproducts that can cause physical health problems. Fortunately, there are much better options: The water-based inks used to print SelfPackaging’s custom boxes generate zero toxic waste and odors. That’s because they are made with pigments on a water base and no chemical components.

As you can see, using eco-friendly packaging can be good for your company, and more importantly for the planet. They provide the means for companies and customers to feel better about the products they use and the way they are made, creating a very positive bond between them. Whether it’s an economic, environmental or ethical decision, using sustainable packaging has many positive benefits for a business.

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Selfpackaging and the Environment


As experts in eco-friendly packaging, we are at your disposal to guide you and help you in the creation of a sustainable customized packaging. You can take a look at all the options available on the website or request a custom quote for more units.

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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