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Discover this collection of Easter boxes perfect for pastry shops and confectioners thanks to their various sizes and shapes. Here you will find several boxes and accessories for Easter eggs, where you can save and give them in an original and fun way. From picnic baskets to cute boxes, each one is ideal for protecting and gifting chocolate eggs. If you want to celebrate Easter in the best way, you will love giving chocolate eggs inside these boxes. You have the option to personalize with a logo, a name or even a printed illustration, so don't wait any longer and get your perfect and customized Easter boxes.


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    Box for Easter eggs. This gift box is composed of a card base with a hole for chocolate Easter eggs. The clear lid makes your Easter eggs shine in all its splendour. An original Easter box! Diameter: 9,6 cm. Ext. dimensions: 25.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm. Int. dimensions:  19.2 x 17.3 x 17.3 cm.
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    1,49 €
    Clear plastic lid and cardboard box base to hold an Easter egg. Ext. dimensions: 16x11x11 cm. (6.3x4.3x4.3 in.). Int. dimensions: 15.8 cm. height (6.29 in.). Diameter: 7.3 cm. (2.87 in.). Watch assembly video.
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    2,98 €
    Box with decorative ribbon, for Easter eggs. This gift box is composed of a card base with a hole for chocolate Easter eggs, a clear lid and a decorative ribbon. An original Easter box! Diameter: 9,6 cm. Ext. dimensions: 25.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 cm. Int. dimensions: 19.2 x 17.3 x 17.3 cm.
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    1,82 €
    Clear plastic lid and cardboard box base to hold an Easter egg. It includes a beautiful decorative ribbon. Ext. dimensions: 16x11x11 cm. (6.3x4.3x4.3 in.). Int. dimensions: 15.8 cm. height (6.29 in.). Diameter: 7.3 cm. (2.87 in.). Watch assembly video.
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    0 x 0 x 0 cm

    Popcorn box for parties and events, in two different sizes, perfect to decorate candy bars, birthday parties, wedding tables... Very easy to assemble and with an endless number of possible uses.
    Reduced price!
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    0 x 0 x 0 cm

    A beauty rabbit shaped gift box! Perfect as a party box for children, baby shower and baptism favours... Of course, it's always a perfect box for Easter eggs.
    Reduced price!
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    0 x 0 x 0 cm

    Box with window for food, ideal for every type of dry foodstuff, pasta, vegetables, dry fruits, biscuits... The cardboard box with a window is perfect for food as it is an extremely versatile box owing to its three sizes, the variety of colours...
    Reduced price!
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    0 x 0 x 0 cm

    Cake boxes with hanger and clear lid, you can carry your cakes easily and you can see it properly.
    Reduced price!
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    Real cuties!  With these bunny tags you can decorate any present or small gift. Includes 3 plain Kraft coloured tags, cardboard bunnies and pompoms to give it a tail. How cool! It will be perfect to add a fun touch to any gift and, of course, perfect for Easter. Includes 3 tags to assemble.
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    2,10 €
    A joyful and original Easter! Liven up any chocolate or present with these fun stickers. Easter egg stickers with a bunny inside, yellow or orange. Perfect to decorate any box or to stick it on a craft. Decorate any corner with these sticky labels! Includes 4 sticky labels and two yellow and two orange bunnies
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    Are you looking to surprise someone? They will love this box! A fun carrot box, for little gifts. Don't you think it is really cute? In the shape of a carrot, it will not go unnoticed. Create the most original gift with this carrot box! Measurements: 3 x 17 x 9 cm
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    5,37 €
    Rabbit-shaped cardboard box. Glue it together to make a nice cardboard rabbit. If you don’t glue the last lay, it will be a perfect gift box. Liquid adhesive included - suitable for children. Ext. measures: 31.7x30.5x6.1cm. Int. measures: 10 cm Ø x 4.5cm. Warning: The shipping price of this item has a small increment depending on the ordered amount, even if the order surpasses the 95€; ask here.
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    10 label unit set, small and pretty. They are perfect for decorating small gifts, wedding party treats, jewellery gifts, etc. Write on them the name of the addressee and personalise your presents with them. Sizes 7x4 cm. A special detail you will love!
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    2,07 €
    Two tone baker's twine, twisted cotton thread to decorate your boxes. 20 metres.
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    4,09 €
    This roll of cellophane is a great extra when wrapping your products and packages. Give your shipments a more serious look and stop them from moving around during transportation
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Easter gift boxes


Get inspired by the best Easter box ideas from around the web. If you need to make a gift or save your sweets, do not hesitate and get one of these boxes for chocolate eggs, where you can wrap these magnificent desserts in an original and unique way.


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    Easter gift boxes

    This packaging for Easter can be used in pastry shops, patisseries, crafts ...

    Q: Where can I find Easter Box ideas?
    You can see all the inspiration about boxes decorated for Easter in: EASTER INSPIRATION

    Q: How can I customize my boxes for Easter?
    A: You can customize your box by clicking on the "" Print "" button that you will see in the configuration of each product. In our online configurator you can customize up to 250 units! Take a look at the following link to see how easy it is: CUSTOMIZE MY BOX ONLINE

    Q: Can I have a personalized quote?
    A: If you want to order more than 250 units, please contact us at hola@selfpackaging.es or info@selfpackaging.com Our customer service and team of designers will help you make your project perfect. You can do it at the following link: REQUEST A PERSONALIZED BUDGET

    Q: How much are the boxes per unit?
    A: The price depends on the type of box, the size, the color and the units you want. The more boxes you select, the lower the unit price. You can calculate the price per unit in the meter that you will find inside each product.

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