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Decoration ideas

Candle box: a novelty with lots of scent
30 Sep
  New! Candle boxes have arrived at SelfPackaging     The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to reflect on the months we have already spent and see what we want the following months to be like. New routines, new resolutions... If your new resolutions include entrepreneurship or creating a small brand that transmits your values, we want to help you with the design of your packaging, in our website you will find all the packaging...
Summer parties, the best decorating ideas
19 Jul
There are many themes to organize summer parties, but do you know which ones are the favorites? We want to help you organize the best parties that will make all your friends want to join you. When we think of the typical summer parties, we think of Ibiza parties or Hawaiian parties, a must of the summer. The most important thing is to enjoy with your friends and family, no matter the theme.  Here are some ideas!     Original themes to organize the...
Personalized box ideas for chocolates
24 Feb
Nobody likes a bitter sweet, right? That's why today we want to show you how you can personalize your chocolate boxes. A craft exercise that transforms into a simple and tasty gift that you will always get right, take a look here.     Play it safe! Boxes with chocolates to give away at any event We are approaching special dates where sweet gifts are the kings, so we want to give you ideas for all those events where a detail can make a difference....
Easy ideas for painting Easter eggs
13 Jan
One of the most recognized traditions worldwide is that of painting Easter eggs. The Easter bunny tradition, which involves hiding painted or chocolate eggs in homes, gardens, and parks, brings joy to children and adults alike, and is a great way to celebrate a fun family event. In this post, we will introduce you to several ideas for painting and decorating Easter eggs, as well as using special boxes and decorations for this occasion.     How to paint...
Birthday Gift Box Ideas
14 Oct
Not everyone has a clear idea of what to give for a birthday. There are times when they can be more sentimental, funny or even functional. What is clear is that we have to give gifts very often, and surprise your loved ones is in your hands. That is why, at SelfPackaging we have come up with several ideas of gift boxes for your partner, your friends or for a family member.   Types of Birthday Gift Boxes  First of all, you need a good kraft cardboard gift box. With...