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Extraordinaria Fest #2022 – Entrepreneurship in women
23 Jun
We are happy to once again participate in a festival created "for empowered women and to empower women". An event full of positive feminine energy to change the lives of many of us. A community of support for strong women walking in the same direction. Do you want to discover what the Extraordinaria community is, read on!     Entrepreneurship in women and community Extraordinaria is the community of women entrepreneurs who lead in feminine and grow...
La Cabellera de Berenice, jewelry made in Barcelona
14 Jun
Today we dive into the universe of Alberto Viso, founder of La Cabellera de Berenice, to learn about his career and his plans for the future. Passionate about fashion he created the brand in 2015 as a new proposal of contemporary jewelry made with premium materials. The need to create and express something different within the world of jewelry was what motivated him to create his own jewelry brand.  She has been able to transmit in each of her creations her particular...
From Shanghai to success! Nael the leading eco swimwear brand in sales
2 May
Knowing the inspiring stories of our customers makes us prouder every day and go beyond, being a packaging company with soul. It is in our hands to be part of the success of many small companies and projects, giving visibility to each of them fills us with pride and happiness. Today we bring you the story of Natalia and Elvira, the two young creators of Nael, the swimwear brand "made for women, by women, that takes care of you and the planet". A phrase that encompasses...
Summer Picnic
24 Aug
Summer is ending, and it's time to make the most of these days before September rolls around and back to routine. That is why at SelfPackaging we have prepared an idea that can succeed, both with your friends, partner or even family: It's the most special picnic ever! Imagine yourself in a quiet cove, a lake with a sunset, or in that corner of the garden that is so beautiful in summer. Some nibbles, bubbling glasses and… A delicious cake! Yes, cakes are the...
Easter boxes, such a sweet decoration!
19 Mar
We can almost taste the smell of chocolate that comes from inside our boxes; because Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs are right around the corner. And at Selfpackaging we are prepared so that your box looks perfect and you can customize it to the maximum for this sweet day. And how? Well, with our configurator with which you can decide how your box will look. Will your logo have a large size, a personalized phrase, some drawings, will it be colored …? Read on to find out...