The website and domain belong to Tribu-3 SL, CIF number B61B61315123, company with address at Nàpols No. 237, Barcelona (PC 08013), tel. + 34 93 208 15 30 and email address at Registered in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona in tome 29670, sheet 66, page B-159252, 1st registration.

  1.         PURPOSE AND SCOPE

1.1.  The following legal notice regulates the access, navigation and use of the website which Tribu-3 makes available to all people who access the website (hereinafter "Users") with the goal of providing information about products and services, both owned by Tribu-3 and collaborating third parties, and enable access to said services as well as the purchase of goods and services through said website (all hereinafter under "Services").

1.2.  This Legal Notice also regulates the responsibilities arising from the use of its content ("content" is hereinafter understood as all texts, books, writings, explanations, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, computer software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, brand, logo, expressions and information as well as any other work under intellectual property in accordance with the provision of article 10 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 April 12th, by which the Revised text of the Intellectual property Law is approved).

1.3.  User access or mere use of the Website implies the acceptance of the Legal Notice posted by Tribu-3 at the moment of access to the website. Consequently, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice.

1.4.  It is possible to browse the Website without registering, but in order to make a purchase, Client status must be acquired through the procedures indicated therein. Therefore, additionally, Tribu-3 can establish specific conditions to regulate the purchase of products offered through the Website. Before purchasing said products, the User must carefully read the relevant Conditions of Purchase. The purchase of said specific products implies the acceptance of the Conditions of Purchase published by Tribu-3 at the time of the purchase. If there is a discrepancy between what is established in this Legal Notice and the particular Conditions of Purchase of a specific service, the latter shall prevail.

1.5.  Tribu-3 reserves the right to modify, at any time, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as the Privacy Policy, the Conditions of Purchase and this Legal Notice. For this reason, Tribu-3 recommends the user read them before accessing the Website each time.

  1.         ACCESS

2.1.  User access to the Website is open and free. However, the purchase of products offered by Tribu-3 or third parties through the Website are subject to prior contract and payment of a sum of money as determined by the Conditions of Purchase specified clearly at the time of the purchase.

2.2.  The purchase of products and services through the Website by minors is governed by existing regulations.

  1.         USE OF THE WEBSITE

3.1.  Given user registration is necessary for the purchase of a product through the Website, the User is responsible for providing true and legitimate information. If as a result of the registration a password is provided, the user agrees to make diligent use of said password and keep it secret to access these services. Consequently, Users are responsible for the adequate protection and confidentiality of any identification and/or passwords and agrees not to grant their use to third parties, whether temporary or permanently, nor to allow access to others. The User is responsible for illegitimate use of the Services by any illegitimate third party who uses the password to do so because of the lack of diligence or loss of said password on the part of the User.

3.2.  By virtue of the above, the User is under the obligation to notify Tribu-3 immediately or any act that constitutes inadequate use of identification and/or passwords, such as theft, loss or unauthorized access to either, in order to proceed to their immediate cancellation. Failure to communicate these facts relieves Tribu-3 of any liabilities that may arise from the misuse of identification or passwords by unauthorized third parties.


4.1.  The contents of this site, as are defined by section 1.2. belong to Tribu-3, or third parties who have authorized their use. Tribu-3 presents this content with the object of informing and advertising. The use of this content must expressly mention Tribu-3 as the owner.

4.2.  The presentation of the content of this website in a window that does not belong to Tribu-3 (framing) is not authorized.

4.3.  Under no circumstance is the User authorized to reproduce, distribute, communicate publically, transform (adapt, translate or modify) or exploit in any other way the full or partial contents of the Website, in any way or by any means or device, except in the case of prior authorisation on the part of Tribu-3 or third party owners in writing.

4.4.  Under no circumstances shall it be understood that User access and browsing implies an authorisation, waiver, transmission, license or transfer of either total or partial rights of intellectual property on the part of Tribu-3 or a third party owner.

4.5.  Deleting, evading or manipulating this Legal Notice, the technical protection devices, digital fingerprints and/or identification data of the rights of Tribu-3 and other Content owners included in the Website is not allowed.

4.6.  An action to contradict the above or any other infraction of these rights may cause a judicial or extrajudicial claim (judicial actions -civil or criminal-) as appropriate.

4.7.  In order to preserve the possible intellectual, industrial or image rights of Tribu-3 or third party owners who have authorized their exploitation, if a User or third party considers a violation of rights has taken place through the Website, this circumstance must be notified in writing, to the address indicated on this Legal Notice or through the e-mail address


5.1.  Tribu-3 declares the adoption of the necessary measures, within their means and the state of technology to ensure the Website functions and to avoid transmission of viruses and other harmful components to Users.

5.2.  Tribu-3 reserves the right to interrupt access to the Portal, as well as provision of any or all Services offered at any time and with prior notice, whether of technical, safety, control, maintenance, power failure or any other reason. Consequently, Tribu-3 does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the Website or any of its Contents or Services. For this reason, the User makes use of them at their own risk, knowing Tribu-3 is not liable in this sense.

5.3.  Tribu-3 is not responsible for interruptions of the service, delays, errors or faulty operation of said service and, in general, of any inconvenient that may arise which escape their control, and/or are due to fraudulent or negligent actions on the part of the User and/or are caused by force majeure. Notwithstanding the provisions of article 1.105 of the Civil Code, all events occurred out of the control or Tribu-3 shall be understood as force majeure and to the effects of this Legal advice, such as: failure on the part of third parties, operators or service companies, lack of access to third party networks, resolutions on the part of public authorities, and those caused by natural phenomena, power outages, etc. as well as an attack from third parties to the security or integrity of the computer system. In any case, whatever the cause, Tribu-3 shall not take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages occurred nor lost profits. However, Tribu-3 commits to try to resolve any incidence that occurs in the Website in the least possible time and as diligently as possible.

5.4.  Tribu-3 is not responsible for the damages caused to the User because of possible errors or omissions in the contents of the Website, yet Tribu-3 commits to verify the Content and information periodically.  In this sense, Tribu-3 does not guarantee the results or lack of results in the study of the contents Tribu-3 puts at the disposal of the Users. Tribu-3 assumes no liability with respect to direct or indirect loss of information, business expectations, profits or damage generated by the use of the Website.

5.5.  Tribu-3 assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused to Users computers for possible computer viruses or any other damage suffered by the User as a consequence of the use of the Website.

  1. LINKS

6.1.  Links to third party websites:

In the Website, the User might find links to other websites through buttons, links, banners, etc. managed by third parties. Tribu-3 does not have the power, human or technical resources to find out, control or approve all the information, content and products or service provided by other websites linked to the Website. Consequently, Tribu-3 cannot assume responsibility for any aspect in relation to the websites linked to the Tribu-3 Website, in particular, by way of example and not limited, to the operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of its products and services, their own links and/or any of the contents, in general.

The establishment of any kind of link on the part of the Website to any other unrelated website does not imply there is any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependence between Tribu-3 and the party responsible for the external website.

6.2.  Links from third party websites to the Tribu-3 Website

If any User, entity or website wants to establish any kind of link to the Tribu-3 website they must comply with the following stipulations:The link can only direct to the Main Page or Website Home Page, unless expressly authorized in writing by Tribu-3.

  • The link must be absolute and complete, that is, it must take the User, through a click, to the URL of the Website itself and must completely cover the entire extension of the Website Main Page screen. In no case, unless expressly authorized by Tribu-3 in writing, will the website adding the link reproduce the Tribu-3 Website in any way, include it as part of their own web page or in one of their frames, nor create a browser on any of the pages in the Website.
  • The page establishing the link will not declare in any way that Tribu-3 has authorized such a link, unless Tribu-3 does so and in writing. If the entity adding the link to the Website in their page wanted to include the brand, denomination, trade name, slogan, logo or any other kind of element to identify Tribu-3 and/or the Websites, prior authorization in writing is necessary.
  • Tribu-3 does not authorize the establishment of a link to the Website from any web pages that contain illicit or illegal information or material, nor anything degrading or obscene or that goes against morality, public order or generally accepted social rules.
  • Tribu-3 does not have the power nor the human or technical means to find out, control nor approve all information, content, and products provided by other web pages with a link to the Website. Tribu-3 does not assume any kind of responsibility for any aspect related to the web page establishing a link to the Website, specifically but not limited to, its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and reliability of their products and services, their own links and/or any of their contents, in general.

7.1.  Tribu-3 can modify these terms and conditions, total or partially, by publishing any changes in the same way as they appear on this Legal Notice or through any kind of means addressed to the Users.

7.2.  The temporary validity of this Legal Notice coincides, therefore, with the time it is available, until it is total or partially modified, at which time the modified Legal Notice will become effective.

7.3.  Regardless of the provisions contained in the Purchase Conditions. when applicable, Tribu-3 can end, suspend or interrupt, at any time and without prior notice, access to the Website Content, in which case the User will not be able to demand compensation. After termination, the prohibitions with regard to the use of the content indicated above in this Legal Notice shall still be valid.


8.1.  Personal data obtained through contact forms on this website or through e-mails are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and shall be subject to the Privacy Policy.

8.2.  Cookies: Tribu-3 advises this website uses cookies for internal process purposes. These cookies allow the control of navigation data so as to make communication between Tribu-3 and the User faster and more comfortable. The validity of these cookies corresponds to necessary estimate to achieve these goals. In no case are the cookies used for the acquisition of identifying personal data from the user. The user can configure the Internet browsers used for a better understanding and control of cookies. The user can be warned prior to their installation and can prevent it.


9.1.  Possible conflicts in relation to this website will be governed exclusively by Spanish law, and the Barcelona courts are the only competent ones. Any user of the website, regardless of the territorial jurisdiction from which the access takes place, accepts to comply with and respect these provisions and expressly resigns any other jurisdiction that may apply. If the user of the website makes a purchase as final consumers, the judicial competence shall correspond to the judges and courts that correspond to the user's address.