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Premium collection; new rigid cardboard boxes

25 May

Do you want to give a more premium look to your gifts or products? We have gone a step further by creating an exclusive collection made by Selfpackaging of rigid boxes.

We adapt to the needs of our customers that’s why we have launched new models of rigid boxes exclusive to our website.

Read on to learn more about this launch! 


Premium collection; new rigid cardboard boxes


What is a rigid box?

Rigid cardboard boxes are boxes whose raw material is gray or compact cardboard, subsequently lined with paper or fabric. This type of boxes are eco-friendly, the compact cardboard is a product based on paper made from recovered fibers. 

So for the realization of this new material, we are not wasting materials, we are giving a new life to already used fibers. If you are interested in knowing our sustainability policy you can have a look here and see the origin of our materials. As a company we want to be more sustainable with the environment and give the consumer raw materials of the best quality.


Advantages of rigid boxes

Rigid cardboard boxes are ideal for use as packaging for more delicate and premium products or for gift giving. Thanks to their double layer of material, they are much more resistant than a conventional box.

This type of boxes has multiple possibilities of use, given its conditions and resistance, it is perfect to be reused as many times as you want.


What are rigid boxes used for? 

These boxes, being more resistant than conventional boxes, can be used to protect more delicate products, as packaging for premium products or simply as a gift box.

A single box with multiple possibilities of use, perfect to be reused as many times as you want. 

Many companies choose to use this type of box for product launches or events, due to its size, originality and the different options for later use. Customize the box and make your customers have your brand present for much longer. 


The different types of rigid boxes

We show you the different types of lined boxes that we currently have on our website and their most specific uses.


Self-assembly lined box

This self-assembly lined box is literally UNIQUE; we have created a specific design, very useful for all traditional businesses that use lined boxes. Our lined box design is unlike anything else on the market. We have designed a cardboard inner tray, and a rigid cardboard outer tray.

What does this allow? The boxes are shipped flat, saving shipping and storage space. The perfect solution for all those businesses looking to use rigid boxes but without giving up space and saving money.

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Premium collection; new rigid cardboard boxes


Rigid Box

Compact cardboard rigid boxes are ideal for packaging high quality products. If you are looking for premium rigid boxes, here is the solution. This square rigid box consists of two pieces; lid and base. 

Gray cardboard is used as the base, lined with paper, which gives the box its bearing and resistance. Due to its characteristics, it is shipped assembled, ready to use!


Premium collection; new rigid cardboard boxes


Lined box with rigid bucket

The lined box with rigid tray is designed for small products or jewelry items. Its design and magnet closure ensure the protection of the products inside. Combine the colors and create a unique box!

For its realization, gray cardboard is used as a base and paper is used to line the box and give it that premium finish so characteristic of jewelry boxes.


Premium collection; new rigid cardboard boxes


Cardboard-lined box

The rigid cardboard lined boxes consist of two hand-assembled pieces, thus reducing costs in the production and shipping process, as well as being very easy to assemble. In all our boxes, you can find a video of how to assemble each box.


Premium collection; new rigid cardboard boxes


Customize a rigid box 

Through the website you can customize the label to add a personal touch to your box. If you want a larger customization, for more than 300 units, you can request a quote from our sales department. They will advise you to find the best packaging to suit your needs.

Lined cardboard boxes are the perfect canvas for all kinds of printing, contact us and tell us your idea!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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