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19 Sep
  Your wedding day is a very special date. It is a celebration where to share love and happiness with your loved ones. Usually, family and friends turn completely into the organization of your day. Your support is key to making that day perfect! For that reason, it is important to have details with them to thank you for your help and love. The figure that offers the most support to the brides, before and during the ceremony, is the bridesmaid. Its mission is...
15 Mar
Spring is just around the corner and the gardens and fields are already full of flowers. Flowers can completely transform a balcony, table, or a room. They come in many varieties, and in an array of shapes and colours, so it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits your decorative style. Flowers provide a fresh, colourful and organic touch wherever they are used; a simple way to make any object or space more beautiful.     The same applies when small...
Autumn weddings: advice and ideas
8 Sep
More and more couples are choosing to get married in the autumn season. Are you one of them? Today we are giving you advice and ideas for autumn weddings.   The most romantic air is breathed between the months of October and December. The russet colours and the orange tones start to play the leading roles, playing games with the greens, browns and purples. A season full of charm and magic.   Are you prepared for a rustic and romantic...
Wedding invitations with wax seal
6 Jul
Today we bring you an express tutorial, a quick and easy video guide to making your own wedding invitations and giving them a most unique touch in a classic style. These items have just been incorporated into our DIY section and will delight lovers of the 19th century Victorian style.     With this mold for wax seals, and wax sticks, you can make your creations that are this beautiful and unique:     To complete your wedding...
Ideas for homemade, low cost photocalls
27 Jan
Isn’t it great that photocalls are now all the rage? No two ways about it, if there is a photocall at an event everyone flocks towards it at some stage. Today we did a little research on the Internet so as to present you with a selection of ideas for homemade, budget friendly photocalls. Simple yet beautiful, they are certain to make your event a success.   Take a look at our card photocall, only £ 8.79 // 11.90 €, and it is sure to be a fun photo session-...