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Are you looking forward to Christmas? Triumph this year with your gifts!
16 Sep
If you are a Christmas lover, you are in luck, there is less and less time left for the big moment. The festivities begin where we usually make many gifts, so we want to start giving you ideas for you to succeed with the most original and beautiful gifts. We already have available our new special Christmas edition #2022, take a look! In this post you will find different packaging ideas to surprise your loved ones with a neat aesthetic.     Christmas...
Packaging ideas for Christmas that will triumph this year
29 Sep
One of the best times of the year is approaching, it's time to get ready! On these dates we usually make many gifts, so it is important to have enough boxes for Christmas. In this post you will find different packaging ideas for Christmas that will leave everyone who receives the detail with their mouths open. The importance of packaging for your Christmas campaign Christmas holidays are a key period for most businesses, as it’s usually a season of high demand. It is...
Happy New Year
19 Dec
  What a few days left to end December and start a new decade! At SelfPackaging we are already preparing our end of the year party to celebrate it in style. And today we want to share with you a few ideas that may interest you if you are preparing your party at home. New Year's Eve is full of traditions that vary by country. But celebrating the start of the new year surrounded by family and friends is common throughout the world. It is a very lively and fun...
how to wrap christmas presents
5 Dec
This Christmas is committed to giving more environmentally responsible gifts. On the one hand, think about giving useful things, objects that are real and necessary desires. Also, you can give experiences, intangible experiences, but indelible. And on the other hand, so that your gifts are environmentally friendly, avoid plastic wrappings or decorations. Today we will show 6 simple and beautiful ideas to wrap your Christmas gifts in a sustainable way. Using paper and...
Prepare your advent calendar
26 Nov
  In a few days we begin the month of December and the Advent season arrives, the countdown to the arrival of Christmas. They are a few weeks full of enthusiasm for both young and old. Advent calendars are a fun and super decorative way to have fun while Christmas arrives. There are many types of advent calendars. Creativity marks the limits of each design and, the taste of each one defines the type of gift that hides each day of the calendar. The designs...