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Box ideas for a romantic dinner
22 Jun
  Valentine's Day is not the only date of the year for lovers. You can organise a romantic dinner when you feel it's the time to show your soulmate how much you love her. And the best helper of a perfect romantic dinner is the gift. It's not just a gift, it's an expression of how much you care about that person. That's why the box is the ultimate detail that will make your dinner memorable. That's why we've put together some romantic dinner gift box ideas that will...
Promotional gifts, a Christmas must-have
13 Dec
  "Christmas begins in summer", this is one of the most repeated phrases in the packaging industry. Even so, few people are far-sighted enough to start planning the Christmas campaign from the beach. We have some articles where we tell you about the advantages of carrying out the Christmas campaign in time, the benefits of establishing a cross-cutting strategy in all communications, etc. This is the most effective way to carry out a successful campaign...
Christmas hampers, a gift that connects companies
29 Nov
  At this time of the Christmas season, many companies start looking for the best hampers for their employees. A nice sign to connect with your employees and reward their work.  That's why in Selfpackaging we want to help you with this mission, before we start we leave you the link to our website where you will find a wide variety.      Why are Christmas hampers given as gifts?     The Christmas hampers is a tradition that dates...
What is Black Friday? Discover the origin
15 Nov
  The darkness of Black Friday is coming! The famous Black Friday or Black Friday is coming and we want you to be prepared for the super offers that we make on our website and to know its origins. We just advance you, that as in most cases, it is a tradition imported from the United States. They take every opportunity to promote consumerism, do you agree? Let's find out the origin!     Origin of Black Friday   As I was saying, the...
Scary boxes for Halloween, trick or treat?
6 Oct
  There's nothing left for Halloween so we want to start preparing to have everything ready for that night: your costume, pumpkins, decorations worthy of a scary movie and kilos of candy for children (and not so children). If you want to surprise your friends, family and acquaintances this Halloween, we give you some ideas that will leave everyone open-mouthed. Do you want to give candy in an original way? Take note!     It's very simple,...