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Packaging ideas for Christmas that will triumph this year
29 Sep
One of the best times of the year is approaching, it's time to get ready! On these dates we usually make many gifts, so it is important to have enough boxes for Christmas. In this post you will find different packaging ideas for Christmas that will leave everyone who receives the detail with their mouths open. The importance of packaging for your Christmas campaign Christmas holidays are a key period for most businesses, as it’s usually a season of high demand. It is...
Best gifts for father’s day
11 Jun
Father's Day is approaching, and as you know, at SelfPackaging we love to celebrate these types of dates in a big way. On this occasion, you can see a compilation of the best gifts to make on such a special day. Let's do it! Custom tie boxes Ties are a classic for the most elegant parents. Whether they are plain or with full color prints, these boxes will be the perfect gift for this distinguished accessory. Are you interested in this idea? It is very easy, you...
Easter boxes, such a sweet decoration!
19 Mar
We can almost taste the smell of chocolate that comes from inside our boxes; because Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs are right around the corner. And at Selfpackaging we are prepared so that your box looks perfect and you can customize it to the maximum for this sweet day. And how? Well, with our configurator with which you can decide how your box will look. Will your logo have a large size, a personalized phrase, some drawings, will it be colored …? Read on to find out...
1 Sep
It's time to go back to school! Although this year is a little different, we want the course to start well. It's normal to be a little clueless the first few weeks of school, but being attentive and efficient can also be fun. A good way to do this is by organizing your documents in a cardboard organizer box. What a coincidence! In this post you will find the steps to make this wonderful cardboard organizer box with folders, to classify everything that is done during...
Boxes for father’s day
5 Mar
How we love celebrations, special days and giving gifts! This March, Father's Day  arrives and all the sons and daughters show a special gratitude and affection to our dear parents. Each one does it in their own way: some families gather around a table; others do some fun activity with dad and others give details to their parent. Either way, your Father’s Day is a day to celebrate and exchange laughs and anecdotes. So, it doesn't matter so much what kind of...