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Valentine’s day

15 Mar
Spring is just around the corner and the gardens and fields are already full of flowers. Flowers can completely transform a balcony, table, or a room. They come in many varieties, and in an array of shapes and colours, so it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits your decorative style. Flowers provide a fresh, colourful and organic touch wherever they are used; a simple way to make any object or space more beautiful.     The same applies when small...
DIY scratch card for Valentine’s day
8 Feb
One of the most loving yearly traditions there are is giving someone a large love card on Valentine's day. It is a beautiful way to communicate our love to our partner, family or friends. Year after year, very original and creative cards are made. A great alternative to buying one is making it yourself. Doing so, you'll be able to customise the design. This year we suggest a fun an interactive DIY scratch card. And you can create a gift voucher for the receiver: "worth a...
Pierced by a Valentine’s day arrow
2 Feb
Can you feel it? Something different is in the air... It smells like cotton candy, caramel kisses... Well, we might be going a little over the top! But no one can deny Valentine's day is fast approaching and, although some people are not keen on February the 14th, it's always a good day to give or get a little something. Don't you think? This year Cupid's arrows have pierced our boxes and they are eager to be part of a lover's gift. Each box is great for little details...
Valentine’s Day ideas for an ever lasting love
10 Feb
The thing with time is that it goes so quickly, you don’t even have time to notice how crazily fast it has passed! It seems like it was only a few weeks ago we were preparing the Christmas campaign, and now we have already broken the majority of our new years resolutions and have waded through the January blues. And what this means is that it’s that time of year again: we are fast approaching the day where love is in the air (and in the window displays), and we at...
Valentine’s Day Tutorial: warm and fuzzy love
13 Feb
  Here we are once again with a tutorial for Saint Valentine’s day. Because yes, it can be a bit cheesy, maybe you don’t think its very you and maybe even that it’s a bit (or mostly) commercial, existing only to make us buy and buy… However, a bit of chocolate never hurt anyone, we all need a bit of love and attention and at the end of the day, whatever the reason behind it it’s good to tell someone one way or another that you love them to bits....