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Make money by customizing your business packaging
8 Aug
Whether you sell products online, or if you have a physical business, you already know how important custom packaging is to increase the branding of your company or brand.  Packaging has become another sales element to pay attention to, innovate and modify over time. It has undoubtedly gone from being an element of protection to having its own personality. The customer is looking forward to his package and its appearance can influence his impression even before opening...
Summer parties, the best decorating ideas
19 Jul
There are many themes to organize summer parties, but do you know which ones are the favorites? We want to help you organize the best parties that will make all your friends want to join you. When we think of the typical summer parties, we think of Ibiza parties or Hawaiian parties, a must of the summer. The most important thing is to enjoy with your friends and family, no matter the theme.  Here are some ideas!     Original themes to organize the...
Kraft is the new black
27 Jun
Trends are arriving in the world of personalized packaging, sweeping away all our expectations. Sustainability and the use of neutral or pastel colors are the clear winners in a market where the most important thing is to take into account if it is an eco-friendly packaging and the quality of the cardboard.      Eco inks The use of eco-friendly inks in digital printing is one of the big bets in the printing industry, especially thanks to a society that is...
Extraordinaria Fest #2022 – Entrepreneurship in women
23 Jun
We are happy to once again participate in a festival created "for empowered women and to empower women". An event full of positive feminine energy to change the lives of many of us. A community of support for strong women walking in the same direction. Do you want to discover what the Extraordinaria community is, read on!     Entrepreneurship in women and community Extraordinaria is the community of women entrepreneurs who lead in feminine and grow...
The different sizes of large bottles, their names and uses
21 Jun
There are a wide variety of wine bottle sizes on the market, with this small guide you will be up to date with all the sizes, names and uses. Although the best known and standard size is the 0.75ml, there are many more sizes of wine bottles on the market today, especially large bottles. This is a trend that is making its mark on the market and on the way wine is consumed. We have launched on our website products focused on the delivery and presentation of 1.5L magnum...