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Our kraft boxes: simple elegance at its best
15 Oct
Kraft is the new black. Our brown kraft boxes offer you a world of possibilities - they're perfect for any occasion! Who said kraft isn't as eye-catching as any other colour? These boxes can be party ready in no time: dress them with a simple ribbon, tag, or even a bit of washi tape. Whatever you chose, it'll fit like a glove. The personalisation options are endless to turn your kraft box into perfect packaging. And they're the cheapest too! What more could you ask...
Little boxes with messages
3 Oct
At SelfPackaging we love showing love and tenderness to our family and friends. There are so many ways to show it! Nowadays we are focussing on a really cute idea so that you can send a nice message to your loved ones. Spreading the love on a postcard is great, but what if we could give it some volume and a surprise element...then that’s even better! In our online store you can find a kit with boxes containing nice messages which we will use to create these cute little...
Organise your desk with a DIY shelf
13 Sep
Do you like keep your desk tidy at all times? Do you like tiny details? Check today’s DIY dedicated to that corner of your desk. It’s really important to have a couple of pen and pencil holders, but they’re not ideal for storing USB keys, washi tape, pencil sharpeners, staplers… They fall to the bottom of the holder and aren’t accessible. This DIY solves this problem in an easy, colourful and fun way: tiny little shelves for little stationary...
Bridal Squad
5 Sep
Today we bring you an idea you can carry out next time you go to a hen party with your group of friends. Is your best friend getting married? Great, this DIY is for you! Preparing a great experience for the future bride at her hen party must be done with great care. From the location of the event to all the accessories you'll use on that special day. And it's with those that we want to help you today. The little details are what make that day perfect and we are going...
Cactus for your wedding guests
2 Aug
Giving small gifts to your wedding guests is a beautiful tradition that can also be creative. You can give them traditional gifts or something very original. One of the ideas we like most is when the couple give little cactus plants to their guests. It is a symbolic present that lives and grows after the ceremony. These cacti are usually sold in plastic pots that don't look very pretty in the context of the event. We are going to resolve this little issue! You'll need a...