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Decorated gift wine boxes
19 Nov
Giving a bottle of wine is one of the star details par excellence, suitable for any type of moment and for almost any celebration. It is something that cannot be missed in a moment of celebration and joy, and it is a gesture that is received with great pleasure. In addition, giving a wine you will always be right thanks to its versatility in flavors and sensations, suitable for any palate. But not everything is the bottle itself, but how you present it. In this article you...
Practical guide to packaging terms
19 Nov
Many people who enter the packaging sector are unaware, not only of the terminology used, but also of the possibilities that exist in terms of structure, materials, assembly, types of boxes, finishes, etc. It is important that when we do a project that requires packaging we know, at least, what possibilities we have according to the function that the box must fulfil and assess the structural and graphic viability of what we want to do. This knowledge will help us to...
All about shipping boxes: Measurements, Types and How to use them
15 Nov
Shipping boxes have become a key element for the commercial success of any business, be it an Ecommerce or a physical store. With the rise of social networks, online shopping and consumption via the Internet, more and more companies decide to invest in their packaging and turn a simple cardboard box into a form of direct communication with the consumer. To better understand how to use them and get the most out of them, it is necessary to know how to make a cardboard...
3 Nov
Packaging in many cases ends up acting as a marketing strategy to promote products or create brand experiences through its packaging, wrapping or labels. For this reason, brands and companies are increasingly opting for Welcome Packs. Event welcome kits, product presentation packs, welcome gifts for new employees or subscriber packs are some examples of where welcome packs are used.   What is a Welcome Pack and what is it used for? A welcome pack is a corporate...
Tips from designers to create customized packaging
26 Oct
Creating a personalized packaging online can be easier than it seems at first glance, you just have to know several tricks that will help you get your personalized cardboard boxes in the most comfortable way. If you want to customize your packaging and don't know where to start, this post is essential for you.    Why design customized packaging? Packaging is part of the customer experience at the time of purchase, or even when receiving a package at home....