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Tags for your baby shower
2 Aug
The day you present your little one or the event before he or she is born are always emotional events shared with family and friends. Days with everyone pampering the baby and bearing gifts. For a baby shower, a table is set and decorated, cute cakes are baked and little favours are prepared to thank the guests. Little gifts to give them at the end of the party, to thank everyone who came to the celebration and brought gifts and good wishes. Every party has a theme and...
Pink lemonade party
20 Jul
Summer is the ideal time ideal to enjoy everyday pleasures: an afternoon at the beach, a get together with your friends outdoors, a nice cold drink or an ice-cream to fight the heat… Every day there are more and more recipes for refreshments and homemade ice-cream. Have you ever tried to make one? Getting together with all your friends is a good excuse to try it out, don’t you think? A drink that has recently become very trendy is Pink Lemonade. There are several...
Crafts for kids
13 Jul
Kids really love crafts, workshops that attract their attention and awaken their curiosity for building games, figures and having fun with Mum, Dad or their friends. Crafts for kids are endless and a world of possibilities opens up for creation and decoration. Today we will teach you how to create crafs for kids depending on their age and will show you how to create a fun fish tank, where little ones and adults alike will have the time of their lives. Age ranges may vary,...
A prop frame for every occasion
6 Jul
When we organise a party or celebration, for our guests to have a good time and a fond memory of the event is very important. They key aspects of an unforgettable party are: good company, good food, good music and great pictures to remember the event in the future. Not everyone likes taking photos, but everyone likes to have a good time. What if we combine both? We can create a fun atmosphere so our guests have loads of fun while taking photos. How? With our cardboard...
How to make a Welcome Pack
23 Jun
In many cases, packaging ends up being a marketing strategy to promote products or create brand experiences through their boxes, wrapping or labelling. This is why brands are more and more interested in creating Welcome Packs. Welcome packaging, to present the product, packaging for sales, etc. Today we want to show you the importance and possible kinds of Welcome Packs and, of course, how to make a Welcome Pack.   What is a Welcome Pack? A Welcome Pack has...