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Cactus for your wedding guests
2 Aug
Giving small gifts to your wedding guests is a beautiful tradition that can also be creative. You can give them traditional gifts or something very original. One of the ideas we like most is when the couple give little cactus plants to their guests. It is a symbolic present that lives and grows after the ceremony. These cacti are usually sold in plastic pots that don't look very pretty in the context of the event. We are going to resolve this little issue! You'll need a...
Birthday Breakfast!
26 Jul
A birthday means a happy, fun day full of heartfelt wishes and messages. When the birthday of a relative or a friend comes around, we love to make their day a little bit more special. It’s a day that needs to start with enthusiasm and, above all, lots of energy! That’s why we present you a very colourful idea full of vitamins. Make the birthday girl or boy start their day with a lot of vitality with this breakfast box! Take note!   A special post made in...
18 Jul
Who fancies a cup of coffee? Today we have some new things that we’re sure you’ll love! We’re launching a section of boxes for cups and mugs with new accessories that will help you find the perfect box for your mug. This section of our website is for creative people who love crafts and big brands (and not so big brands) that make cups and mugs. No matter what they are like you will find the perfect box for your designs at SelfPackaging. It’s also for you to...
Children’s camera
10 Jul
Summer is finally here! The little ones have finished school and we get to plan family trips and holidays. Adults immortalize memories with cameras and mobile phones. And of course, kids want to be photographers themselves and enjoy taking photographs. This week we suggest a fun and creative craft, so the little ones can play at being photographers. As well as enjoying making their own camera, they will find out that by recycling materials they give waste a second chance...
Boxes for e-commerce
5 Jul
Today we want to tell you about one of the most useful new products you'll find on sale at Selfpackaging: boxes and envelopes for e-commerce. They are designed for online businesses and are very versatile and adaptable to the needs of the business, although there are some specific boxes for certain uses. You can also customise them with the available accessories that go great with the boxes. Want to take a look at some of the boxes and accessories with us?   Flat...