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Easter ideas for boxes: these decorations are great fun!
15 Mar
Since it’s almost spring, Easter is just around the corner. And since it's fast approaching, it's time to decide what we are doing or how we'll present those delicious chocolates. Learn some Easter ideas to decorate your boxes for Easter and surprise your kids or clients! Here are some very simple ideas everyone will love. Perfect for little gifts and small chocolates. And of course, with the Easter bunny at the very centre. Bunnies are a must for Easter! According...
International Women’s Day: an interview with a entrepreneur woman
8 Mar
Today, March 8th, we celebrate the International Women's day (although every day should be a women's day!). On this day we celebrate how far we have managed to get towards gaining recognition and equality in society, a goal we continue to pursue. To celebrate a day like today, we have met a very inspiring woman: Gemma Fillol. We want to recall this little interview we did with her. She is the founder of Extraordinaria, from which she helps and guides women who want to...
Decorative Botanical pyramid
6 Mar
Welcome March! The month that will bring spring to us bit by bit, and with it, wild flowers and green leaves. In March, we will also be doing some decoration changes in our house, adapting it to spring, filled with fresh and lively colours. This month, we will begin bringing together new ideas to renew our decorative objects and give our living room a new vibe. Today we will show you one of these ideas: we’re going to create a decorative botanic pyramid, so you can show...
Find out about our new Flower Boxes
27 Feb
Today's post is packed with news, ideas and inspiration. We are introducing our new selection of... Flower boxes! This new selection is designed especially for you who sells flowers, believes they are the perfect gift or enjoys seeing them when you get home. Also, even though spring is not yet here, the first rays of sun are shining through, daylight lasts longer and longer... and this fills us with joy, optimism and plans to send flowers.   Oh! And so...
Sewing box
15 Feb
Finding the right sewing box that fully meets your needs can be a complicated task. As you know, we always favour anything you can do yourself, it will always turn out cooler and more personal. So if any of these thoughts have crossed your mind: "my sewing box is too small", "all my sewing stuff is in a mess" or "mine is really ugly"; this is your tutorial. Today we bring you an idea so you can organise everything in your sewing box, perfectly customised and exactly the...