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What is Black Friday? Discover the origin
15 Nov
  The darkness of Black Friday is coming! The famous Black Friday or Black Friday is coming and we want you to be prepared for the super offers that we make on our website and to know its origins. We just advance you, that as in most cases, it is a tradition imported from the United States. They take every opportunity to promote consumerism, do you agree? Let's find out the origin!     Origin of Black Friday   As I was saying, the...
Puratos: the international group dedicated to bakers, confectioners and chocolatiers
9 Nov
  Today we have the pleasure to interview Puratos, a platform dedicated to the world of pastry and bakery with more than 100 years of experience. Founded in Brussels more than 6 years ago, they support the Spanish market. Puratos offers a complete experience to its customers; premium materials and services such as consulting for companies and small businesses. They help you improve and grow your business. A few months ago we joined forces to create a...
Take away food; where and when you want
1 Nov
  After months of enjoying the summer and the good weather, the time has come to enjoy the lower temperatures and a more homely life. Without a doubt, ordering take away food is one of those hidden pleasures that everyone loves. Many restaurants and bars come to us for the design of their take away packaging, it is important that the customer finds in the take away food the same quality and originality as in the restaurant itself. If you have a restaurant or cafe...
26 Oct
  We are counting down to the most special time of the year. Both physical stores and e-commerce are getting ready to receive a flood of customers. So we always recommend to anticipate so that you are not caught off guard.     When is the best time to start? Ideally, it would be advisable to begin preparations in mid-September, but as we know that we are all behind schedule, it is best to start now. Packaging is one of the most demanded...
Improve your online store’s shipping; more protection for less price
18 Oct
  Online commerce continues to grow day by day , even more so after the situation we have been going through during the last few years. Big and small brands are aware of the need to improve their online store and the way they ship their products. Many online stores are facing the search for a packaging that reflects their brand values, we leave you here our shipping boxes so you can take a look at the multitude of options we have...