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Premium boxes to captivate your customers
31 Jan
  In the market we currently have a wide variety of cardboard boxes for a myriad of functions: premium boxes for online stores, premium boxes for gifts, premium boxes for parties, premium boxes for shipping... But when it comes to premium boxes, would you know how to choose the best box for your needs? In this post you will be able to find different types of premium cardboard boxes for every single need. Take a look at all the available options and decide which...
ByCris, elegant accessories for your hair
19 Jan
  Today we have the pleasure of knowing in depth ByCris, the fashion brand of accessories for your hair. A brand made in Barcelona that has been making its way for more than five years, adorning our heads. Elegant accessories that will help you face the day to day in style. Small details make the difference and we are sure that after taking a look at the brand's inspiration on Instagram, you will want to get your hands on some of their designs.s. Winter,...
New year, new packaging – Packaging trends in 2023
10 Jan
  Do you want to know what will be the next trends in packaging? If you want to know everything about all the options that will be imposed during 2023 to stand out in the market, we invite you to continue reading this post. Not without first taking a look at all the boxes we have made during this year 2022, take inspiration.     Current packaging trends   Packaging is governed by trends that go through different changes and fashions...
ICS online, 30 years of experience
20 Dec
  At Selfpackaging we consider ourselves a company with a soul dedicated to the customer. Many of them become family, order after order we create relationships that unite beyond the strictly professional. Following the success of our customers makes us proud to be part of thousands of projects with body and soul. Today we talk about ICS online, the company with more than 20 years in the market for the company and for the end user. They work constantly to offer the...
Promotional gifts, a Christmas must-have
13 Dec
  "Christmas begins in summer", this is one of the most repeated phrases in the packaging industry. Even so, few people are far-sighted enough to start planning the Christmas campaign from the beach. We have some articles where we tell you about the advantages of carrying out the Christmas campaign in time, the benefits of establishing a cross-cutting strategy in all communications, etc. This is the most effective way to carry out a successful campaign...