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Recycled cardboard: Everything about the king of ecological packaging
13 Sep
Recycled cardboard is one of the most common materials, considered the "king" of the so-called ecological packaging, it's present in different products and used for different purposes: from shipping boxes, cosmetic packaging, to take away food containers. How is recycled cardboard made? The manufacture of recycled cardboard is relatively inexpensive, and it also has many uses, as well as a great capacity for reuse. Plus, the cardboard recycling process is easier...
Summer Picnic
24 Aug
Summer is ending, and it's time to make the most of these days before September rolls around and back to routine. That is why at SelfPackaging we have prepared an idea that can succeed, both with your friends, partner or even family: It's the most special picnic ever! Imagine yourself in a quiet cove, a lake with a sunset, or in that corner of the garden that is so beautiful in summer. Some nibbles, bubbling glasses and… A delicious cake! Yes, cakes are the...
Eco Stamps by SelfPackaging
17 Jun
At SelfPackaging we are increasingly sustainable! We are committed to the environment, and we are changing our habits to achieve an eco-responsible company. That is why we carefully select our components to manufacture the most ecological boxes possible, making the most of paper and reducing our waste. In addition, we have added materials that will make your future packaging more respectful of the ecosystem. We are so proud of these novelties that we have...
Best gifts for father’s day
11 Jun
Father's Day is approaching, and as you know, at SelfPackaging we love to celebrate these types of dates in a big way. On this occasion, you can see a compilation of the best gifts to make on such a special day. Let's do it! Custom tie boxes Ties are a classic for the most elegant parents. Whether they are plain or with full color prints, these boxes will be the perfect gift for this distinguished accessory. Are you interested in this idea? It is very easy, you...
Paella boxes: A novelty with a lot of flavor
25 May
NEW! Paella boxes arrives at SelfPackaging. Summer is synonymous with many things: good weather, having a drink at a beach bar, gazpacho, ice cream, whole days at the beach and pool and -if you can- resting and doing nothing! And that includes cooking. Who doesn't like to relax on vacation? That is why food delivery or take away is usually key at this time of year. And when it comes together that you don't feel like cooking, you want to eat something very...