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Tips for economical cardboard packaging
16 May
Looking for cheap cardboard boxes? We want to help you! At Selfpackaging we have been packaging experts for years, that's why we know the best tricks to make your packaging more economical and eye-catching.  Do you want to know how? We recommend you to take a look at the cheap boxes section of our website and read on.     Advantages of using cheap cardboard boxes for packaging If you have a business and want to find the best packaging for your...
From Shanghai to success! Nael the leading eco swimwear brand in sales
2 May
Knowing the inspiring stories of our customers makes us prouder every day and go beyond, being a packaging company with soul. It is in our hands to be part of the success of many small companies and projects, giving visibility to each of them fills us with pride and happiness. Today we bring you the story of Natalia and Elvira, the two young creators of Nael, the swimwear brand "made for women, by women, that takes care of you and the planet". A phrase that encompasses...
Looking for wedding favours? We give you ideas!
28 Apr
We are starting the season of weddings, baptisms, communions and many more events! That's why we wanted to give you ideas for gifts to surprise your guests with. We have the ideal box for all kinds of details, if you are interested, keep reading the post.     Getting married? Decorate your boxes for your guests Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so taking care of every detail is of vital importance. In all events, details...
Eco packaging for your cosmetics brand!
22 Apr
Your cosmetics packaging should be as environmentally friendly as your products. When creating a brand, values should be the pillars on which to build it. Today there are thousands of sustainable cosmetic brands on the market, that's why we wanted to create a packaging suitable for them. With designs adaptable to most products and available in compostable materials, you can take a look here to all the available models.     How to choose the ideal...
7 Apr
In Selfpackaging we have proposed to give visibility and support to all those small brands #MADEINSPAIN that trusts us for the design of their packaging. Today we interview Tramobyamariate, a family business dedicated body and soul to design. From illustration of prints to the handmade confection of their products; scarves, Kimonos, scrunchies.... Their philosophy, the slowfashion, allows them to work each of their launches at slow fire. Adding care and love in every...