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18 Jun
We know how hard it is to start a business, you start with a dream, and you gradually shape the idea until you finally have the entire business strategy created. If your idea is to set up an online store with product, you will want to know how to pack the shipments, what kind of box, material, quantities… At Selfpackaging we want to help you make your business work. We will recommend a resistant packaging that supports the shipments and we will advise you with...
How to ship prints and illustrations
29 May
Sending pictures or illustrations is usually the most tedious part when you are an artist and have a shop of your illustrations or designs. It is important that you dedicate time and effort to finding a box that protects and insures your shipments so that they do not get damaged along the way. In Selfpackaging you have asked us many times if we have boxes for prints or illustrations, so today we bring you some options that could serve you. If you want to send your...
Boxes to take away!
22 May
After (almost) two months with your business doors closed, the BIG day has come when you can serve your customers with home service or takeaway. We know you would love to be able to attend to clients in person, but for now, the best option is to pick them up at your establishment and enjoy it at home. If you have a restaurant or cafeteria and are looking for cardboard boxes for food and other food containers, in Selfpackaging we have the solution! Breakfast...
The most original boxes from SelfPackaging
15 May
In Selfpackaging we have all kinds of cardboard boxes: for shipping, moving, sweets, gifts, food But best of all, each design is unique and different. We like to have in our catalog endless special boxes with shapes and colors that you will only find on our website. To demonstrate this, we have made a compilation of the most original cardboard boxes of Selfpackaging. Let’s go there! Heart-shaped box They say love inspires madness, but we made this beautiful...
28 Apr
Cardboard boxes can be very versatile in terms of their purpose: For online stores, gifts, shipping, parties ... The possibilities are endless. But, would you know how to choose the best cardboard box according to your need? In this post you will see different types of cardboard boxes to be able to decide which is the one that best suits what you really need. Self-assembling cardboard boxes It’s probably the most chosen option for online stores and ecommerce. They...