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Celebrate the most terrifying party! Halloween decoration
17 Oct
  If you are celebrating the most terrifying night of the year, you cannot miss the ideas we propose today. At a Halloween party you can not miss pumpkins, costumes and decoration orange and black. Today we are going to focus on an indispensable activity for this celebration and that the kids will love: the famous game of “trick or treat.” Through this game the little ones of the house are made with a loot of the sweetest tooth. Usually, these candies are...
Boxes for professional photographers
7 Oct
  The main objective of a photographer is that his work does not leave anyone indifferent. Every day we see many images through screens of smartphones and computers. It is a real challenge for a photographer to highlight and send his photographs to people. With this amount of digital content, it is a fact that the paper has remained in the background. Luckily, for some the paper still has a special magic that captivates. For this reason, many photographers...
19 Sep
  Your wedding day is a very special date. It is a celebration where to share love and happiness with your loved ones. Usually, family and friends turn completely into the organization of your day. Your support is key to making that day perfect! For that reason, it is important to have details with them to thank you for your help and love. The figure that offers the most support to the brides, before and during the ceremony, is the bridesmaid. Its mission is...
Plastic Free for Dummies
12 Sep
  If you feel totally lost because of the rising trend of going plastic free topic, don’t stress SelfPackaging is going to help you. In a world whereas awareness of recycling and sustainability is becoming more important, companies and consumers need to adapt to new changes.  We should all take care of the environment!    We are currently flooded with plastic waste, however, have you ever stopped and wondered where and how is made?  Plastic...
Go back to routine with this DIY organizer!
5 Sep
  September marks the end of summer vacations and the return to routine. The return to work is more bearable if you have a relaxed and well-organized workspace. A messy desk and full of things you don't use can make you feel uncomfortable without you noticing. On the other hand, an organized work table and to your liking allows a good concentration and stimulates productivity. Setting up your desk after the holidays will motivate you to start over with...