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How to make your own floral letters
19 Mar
The season of flowers is here: Happy spring! Little by little we will receive more sunbeams along with a slight increase in temperature. These are the highlights of the new season, which please everyone and make us feel a more vital and happy energy. Without a doubt, something that also makes most of us very happy is the great protagonist of the new season: flowers. Full-color nature that gives off wonderful fragrances that beautify our homes. Flowers are the star...
How to reduce waste at home
12 Mar
Many times, we have explained the importance of recycling, but, the best option to help the planet is waste reduction. A residue is that material or product that loses its value after having fulfilled a function, which we generate daily at an alarming rate. That is why, if we do not generate them, we do not have to recycle or throw it away and therefore we are being more sustainable. There are many tips to eliminate or at least reduce waste, but in this post, we will teach...
Boxes for father’s day
5 Mar
How we love celebrations, special days and giving gifts! This March, Father's Day  arrives and all the sons and daughters show a special gratitude and affection to our dear parents. Each one does it in their own way: some families gather around a table; others do some fun activity with dad and others give details to their parent. Either way, your Father’s Day is a day to celebrate and exchange laughs and anecdotes. So, it doesn't matter so much what kind of...
Success story: discover Platanomelón, the funniest sexshop!
27 Feb
Today it is with us Platanomelón, the best known sex shop on Instagram. Furthermore, we have had the pleasure of collaborating many times and we love it! Together we have created the best personalized boxes for marketing actions with their wonderful ambassadors. Who would not be delighted to receive the best erotic toys ? Platanomelón is a brand with which we feel very identified and share their values. They make a great job of sex education through tutorials on...
Self-love boxes
13 Feb
They say that Valentine's Day is the day of love. The truth is that we think that the day of love is every day of the year, and we contemplate it in all its forms: loving your partner, family, friends, coworkers … There are so many types of love! But, there is a love that is just as important as all the previous ones and is often neglected: love towards oneself. This kind of love must be taken care of and pampered every day. We don't want to get emotional, but have...