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The best detail for International Book Day: Personalize your gift!
14 Apr
Smelling its pages, the sound of the paper turning each one, letting yourself be caught from the first letter and immersing yourself in it; devouring every word of that story so hard that time flies. Having a new book in your hands is a magical moment, and giving it away is something very special. And at Selfpackaging we think that something so unique should be wrapped in the most special way possible. Do you want to know how to wrap your book in an original and beautiful...
Handmade soap boxes
29 Mar
Artisan soaps have tons of benefits for both you and the planet. They are made with natural products, respect the environment and most importantly: They are produced one by one, handcrafted with great care. That is why a product like this has to be with the best possible presentation. So, which is the best way to wrap these wonders? With the new soap box collection from SelfPackaging! Discover a great diversity of boxes that will ensure that your products are...
Easter boxes, such a sweet decoration!
19 Mar
We can almost taste the smell of chocolate that comes from inside our boxes; because Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs are right around the corner. And at Selfpackaging we are prepared so that your box looks perfect and you can customize it to the maximum for this sweet day. And how? Well, with our configurator with which you can decide how your box will look. Will your logo have a large size, a personalized phrase, some drawings, will it be colored …? Read on to find out...
13 Jan
Online stores have increased notably since the start of the lockdown. This means that more and more companies have to take into account their packaging for shipments: One of the most important elements in a business is its packaging, especially when it comes to online shopping. The package that arrives home is the first physical element that we see of the brand, and the impression always has to be positive. In addition, well-kept packaging adds value to the product and...
4 Nov
Plastic floods the beauty sector with its packaging. That is why we have decided to change the conventional bags for this customizable and unique personalized makeup cardboard bag! Whether you have a business or an ecommerce, this post interests you. You are about to know a very good option of cardboard bags for your store. After launching our new collection of cardboard makeup boxes, we thought about designing a bag that allows transporting cosmetics in an...