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17 Dec

This week we are still getting obsessed with nice ideas to wrap gifts for this Christmas. We have loads of ideas for decorating our boxes in a special, original way.

Today we want to show you the step-by-step guide to obtaining truly elegant packaging.  Sometimes, with materials as simple as little stars, pine cones or some printed pictures, we can make really cool, Christmassy packaging.  You just need a modest mix of colours to get elegant wrapping that stands out.

Get all the right materials together and let’s decorate our Christmas gifts!


A super post in collaboration with Warm Home Life.




White bag box with string 

Black stamped box 

Shiny flat box 

Manual star cutter 

Stamp for wax 

Sealing wax stick 

Christmas gift accessory kit 

Shiny string 

Shiny gold and silver paper



Double-sided tape


White paper

Nail varnish remover with acetone


Pictures printed with a laser printer

Ribbon for bows


Pine cones

Fir tree branches

White spray




  1. Cut out a square of white paper and stick it with double-sided tape on the inside of the stamped box with a snowflake.
  2. Assemble this box: it has a card strip that closes with a piece of double-sided tape and inside you can put the gift in the plastic box.   



  1. Now cut out the little stars with gold and silver shiny paper with the star-shaped stencil like confetti.
  2. Cut out a piece of cellophane the same size as the box and place quite a few stars on top. Whilst you are wrapping the box in cellophane, add more little stars so that they are placed randomly all over the box. To finish off, stick the plastic ends with sellotape.



  1. Now we are going to decorate the dark shiny flat box. First of all, spray a few of the pine cones with the white spray, making it look like snow and leave them to dry.
  2. Then, assemble the box and stick the “with love” sticker inside. Before closing the package, put the gift inside.



  1. Cut out a piece of shiny string and tie the pine cone to a fir tree branch.   
  2. To finish off, hang the “Merry Christmas” tag from the string and it’s ready!



  1. Our third suggestion is the white bag-style box. Firstly, print some pictures with a laser printer and cut them out.    
  2. To transfer these pictures to the box, put the front of the printed paper face-down on the box. Rub a piece of cotton soaked in nail varnish remover (acetone) over the back of the picture and pull back the paper carefully.



  1. Now assemble the box, put the gift inside and close it with a black ribbon tying a double knot.
  2. To finish, secure the two loose ends of the ribbon onto the box with a golden wax heart.  Use the lighter to melt the wax on the box, before it dries put pressure on it with the metal stamp, and there you have it, a truly elegant stamp!



Giving really elegant packages is super easy!


By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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