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Success story: discover Platanomelón, the funniest sexshop!
27 Feb
Today it is with us Platanomelón, the best known sex shop on Instagram. Furthermore, we have had the pleasure of collaborating many times and we love it! Together we have created the best personalized boxes for marketing actions with their wonderful ambassadors. Who would not be delighted to receive the best erotic toys ? Platanomelón is a brand with which we feel very identified and share their values. They make a great job of sex education through tutorials on...
Self-love boxes
13 Feb
They say that Valentine's Day is the day of love. The truth is that we think that the day of love is every day of the year, and we contemplate it in all its forms: loving your partner, family, friends, coworkers … There are so many types of love! But, there is a love that is just as important as all the previous ones and is often neglected: love towards oneself. This kind of love must be taken care of and pampered every day. We don't want to get emotional, but have...
Custom Sushi boxes
23 Jan
As we have mentioned on many occasions, the way in which you present and deliver your product is an aspect that you should take care of in detail. Among the different elements that interfere with the presentation of your brand and product, is the packaging, our specialty! As our personalized packaging for sushi. The packaging must meet four requirements perfectly. First, it must contain and protect your product correctly. Second, its materials must be...
The material of the packaging influences buying behavior
19 Jul
The growing concern for the environment has generated certain changes in user behavior during the purchase process. Being clear for the election of a product the packaging and the waste that this generates. The recent study published by the Carton Manufacturers Association Ondulé de France reveals that corrugated cardboard is preferred by consumers over other materials such as plastic or aluminum. The publication, sponsored by Négosciences, a consultancy...
Packaging for foodtrucks
27 Jun
If you have a business you will know that presentation is a very important aspect. The different elements that coexist with your brand are part of the image of your product or service. Among other elements, there is the packaging: the packaging that protects your product. In addition to protecting, the box is a communication and presentation medium. Customize your Food Trucks packaging! Want to know how we can help your packaging communicate what you want? A...