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Flowers in a box to celebrate Spring

6 Jun


With the arrival of June the end of spring is approaching, the most floral season of the year. We want to say goodbye to the top and for that we have some DIY to give flowers in boxes.

Who does not like flowers? The flowers bring smiles, love their perfumes and make any stay beautiful. Giving flowers is a safe bet, there are of all styles and colors. That’s why today we want to give you a few ideas so that when you give flowers they look much more with nice packaging.



Let’s play with boxes and papers of neutral colors to enhance the color of the flowers. In this way you will obtain a sophisticated and elegant packaging, leaving all the focus to its content.



For the post today we have the beautiful peonies of The Colvin & co., Cut directly from the field and combined with twigs of eucalyptus and mastic. Bouquets Sarah and Julia have fallen in love with us!

Thanks to The Colvin & co.

A post made in collaboration with Warm Home Life.






Convert the hat box into a nice flower box



1 – To start, assemble the square hat box with the white lid. Then, make two holes in two opposite sides of the box with the help of a punch. Now, cut two long pieces of black Gross-Grain ribbon and pass them through the holes as a handle. It is important that you knot each rope well inside the box so that they hold all the weight. You can add a white label or kraft to write a dedication.

2 – Then fill the inside of the box with paper shavings, you can even combine black and kraft shavings. To finish, place your bouquet inside so that it covers the entire box. You can place the lid of the box on the bottom to be able to reuse the box when the bouquet has been delivered. Voilà! Your bouquet ready to give with a box transformed into a flower basket.


How to present flower bouquets in a box

Get different bouquets from a large bouquet and present them in a most sophisticated box.



1 – First, we are going to show you how to make a wild style bouquet. Choose two or three flowers and combine them with green twigs; in this case, they are peonies with mastic. Then, make a cone with manila paper with the bouquet inside and fix it with a bit of adhesive tape. Now, with the punch holes a pair of holes on either side to pass a piece of string of hemp as a handle. You can give the final touch to the cone of flowers by gluing the white lace fabric on the top.

2 – Next, we show you a more modern bouquet with a pair of peonies and eucalyptus twigs. Use several layers of black tissue paper to wrap the stems. Fix the inside with the lace ribbon diagonally and add a label for the dedicatory or name of the recipient.




3 – Then, mount the square box for hats with the black cap and cover the interior with white tissue paper. Add a few petals to add a touch of color to the white.

4 – Finally, surround the body of the box with the black ribbon gross-grain and make a nice bow on the front. To finish, store inside the box the bouquets and cover the box to make the relevant deliveries.



Bouquets are ready to go and give away!


By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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