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Paper shavings for fillings cut in very fine strips to make it really attractive. This premium 100% recycled paper will match your boxes perfectly! Available in both black and Kraft colours. Sold in bags of 250 gr. This filling takes up over three times its size, so it really goes a long way! Make sure your products arrive in perfect conditions and look elegant with these 100% recycled paper shavings.


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Paper shavings

At a glance...
  • Very fine and elegant paper shavings!
  • Available in black and Kraft colours
What is this accessory like?
  • The perfect filling for your boxes as it can take up as much as three times its size, so it goes a long way!
  • Paper shavings, 100% recycled, so you take care of the environment
What is this accessory for?
  • These paper shavings will complement your postal boxes perfectly.
  • Make sure the product reaches its destination intact and looking really good!