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Celebrate the most terrifying party! Halloween decoration

17 Oct


If you are celebrating the most terrifying night of the year, you cannot miss the ideas we propose today. At a Halloween party you can not miss pumpkins, costumes and decoration orange and black. Today we are going to focus on an indispensable activity for this celebration and that the kids will love: the famous game of “trick or treat.” Through this game the little ones of the house are made with a loot of the sweetest tooth. Usually, these candies are stored in a pumpkin-shaped basket, but today we propose four ideas with our boxes, to replace the typical basket.

In this way, you can give each guest of your party with an individual box of jelly beans. Customize each one with bats, cobwebs and pumpkin!
We are sure that the little ones in the house aim to decorate each little box. The idea is to be very scary!

A post made in collaboration with Warm Home Life.






Squared box 

Popcorn Box

Caja de fideos 

Paper bags

Cardboard bats

Sirio Orange coloured cards

Black Washi Tape

– Cord

– Pencil

– Pens

– Cutter

– Scissors

– Double-sided tape







1. On the lid of the square box, draw or trace the silhouette of a Halloween spider or pumpkin.

2. Then, carefully trim the inside of each element with a cutter, so that the drawing is negative.



3. Next, cut out a square of cardboard of a different color than the box. Paste it on the back of your already cut drawing. You can glue it with double-sided adhesive tape or stick glue. To finish, mount both parts of the square box and store your goodies inside.



1. To begin, paint with a black marker eyes and terrifying smile on the specific box of popcorn. If you prefer, you can draw a group of bats as a pattern that covers all or part of the box.

2. Next, glue a piece of double-sided adhesive tape over the tab of the box to be able to mount it. To make the basket, you will need a handle. To do this, cut a strip of cardboard of another color and glue both ends on the top inside of the box. You can fix it with stick glue, a staple or double-sided tape.




1. Turn our noodle box into a cobweb-covered box! You can cover the surface of the box with the help of a white marker or by sticking wool threads with hot glue. With the threads you will get an effect with very cool volume!

2. Now assemble the box and tie a rope or wool thread as a handle. This box has two side holes so you can tie it without problems. Give the final touch, adding spider-shaped goodies!




1. Get your mystery bag with our kraft bags. It is very simple, first cut most of the bag into strips, without cutting the bottom.

2. Then draw scary Halloween motifs as in the previous ideas. Now, insert another kraft bag inside the bag cut into strips. This will give an effect of texture and volume. To finish, save the goodies and close the whole well with a rope.



Boooo! All ready for the night of fear, happy Halloween!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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