Cardboard bats


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Your decorations will be even scarier with these cardboard bats. A kit with 4 cardboard bats for crafts with Halloween motifs.

The Halloween spirit will take over your decorations with these 4 black cardboard bats.

They include a hole so you can hang them from a string.

Each bat is 10cm big.


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Cardboard bats

At a glance...
  • Kit with 4 black cardboard bats to decorate on Halloween
  • Use the little hole to hang them from a string and decorate any cornet, box or craft
What is this accessory like?
  • Kit includes 4 cardboard bats with a little hole on one end to hang them from
  • The bats are 10cm big each
What is this accessory for?
  • What an original Halloween! With these cardboard bats, to add a terrifying touch to any decoration
  • You can hang them from a string or to decorate your boxes, gifts or other crafts