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Boxes for professional photographers

7 Oct


The main objective of a photographer is that his work does not leave anyone indifferent. Every day we see many images through screens of smartphones and computers. It is a real challenge for a photographer to highlight and send his photographs to people.

With this amount of digital content, it is a fact that the paper has remained in the background. Luckily, for some the paper still has a special magic that captivates. For this reason, many photographers have been encouraged to rediscover and print their photographs. By carefully selecting the best and giving them a color and texture very different from those of the digital format.

Paper is the way to make a photograph tangible. It is the way to get us to stop longer to observe the small details.

For all this we ask you, do you print your photographs?

A post made in collaboration with Warm Home Life



We love printed photographs. The proof of this is that we have lots of boxes to store these little paper treasures.

Today we want to show a selection of boxes for professional or amateur photographers. Packaging is the great ally to enhance and further materialize the photos on paper. With a simple cardboard box accompanied by a signature or logo, you add value to your work.



These boxes can be used to deliver orders for wedding photography, newborns or parties, for example. They can also be a detail of thanks to an important client, for which you have done an event photography session. Ah! And of course, it can be a super visual way to present your portfolio (as a sample), with different works that you have done.

It is important that you make a good selection of your work and print your photographs in high quality so that they look proper. For this post we have had the impression of our friends in KIOSKÖ. A very simple platform to print high-quality photos.



Although your photographs are perfect and your impression is ten, your work may be deteriorated because of bad packaging. The presentation of a professional photograph must be impeccable. A super complex and refilled packaging is not necessary. If you have a sophisticated and minimalist box, you will reserve all the prominence to your photographs and they will highlight more.

Simply use a box of a format and size according to the printed photos of your order. We offer boxes of different shapes: rectangular, square, etc.
Adapting the packaging to each type of order is the key. For example, if it is a small photo order, do not use a box that is too large, because it will dwarf the photographs even more.



If you are going to deliver a lot of photos, it is better that you have a thicker box and, if you notice that the box closes very just, it is preferable that you use two boxes instead of one. Remember that every detail counts, if your case is the opposite and you have few photographs, you can fill your box with kraft or black paper shavings to make it look less empty.

On the other hand, it is important that your signature, logo or name is visible so that your client identifies you quickly. As you know, we have a print configurator where you can print your logo and write your contact information, so that your box is unique. You can even use some design that we have available in the library and customize it to your liking.



When selecting your ideal box, you should also consider the color. If you have a logo designed, use colors that are part of your corporate identity. Although you can also opt for a color that simply matches the tones of your photographs. In case you have to deliver many photo boxes, a good idea can be to combine two or three colors.

It is very important that you give more value to your work with these small details! The possibilities are endless!

See you soon!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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