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The material of the packaging influences buying behavior

19 Jul

The growing concern for the environment has generated certain changes in user behavior during the purchase process. Being clear for the election of a product the packaging and the waste that this generates.

The recent study published by the Carton Manufacturers Association Ondulé de France reveals that corrugated cardboard is preferred by consumers over other materials such as plastic or aluminum. The publication, sponsored by Négosciences, a consultancy specializing in neuroscience marketing, focuses on the analysis of consumer behavior in the fruit and vegetable sector.



Price or quality?
The research concludes that about 81% of consumers prioritize the quality of fruits and vegetables over price when they are in corrugated cardboard containers. On the other hand, if they are in stainless steel trays, the rate drops to 16%. If we compare cardboard to plastic, 86% of users prioritize the product regardless of its price compared to 59% if it is in plastic.

In addition, the nature of the packaging influences the time spent by consumers in the section: customer spends between 17% and 20% more time at the fruit and vegetable counters if they are presented in cardboard packaging.
SelfPackaging is a good option for small businesses that need cardboard boxes to present their product as we encourage the use of cardboard. In fact, we have taken out a new line of cardboard boxes for fruits and vegetables, focused on brands and companies that need original and functional cardboard boxes.


Consumer chooses cardboard

The Spanish Association of manufacturers of packaging and packaging of corrugated cardboard (AFCO) claims that 75.2% of Spaniards prefer recyclable and sustainable cardboard packaging. The study carried out by Feedback Strategy and Sociological Research, concludes that cardboard is the packaging with the greatest environmental reputation among Spaniards. Therefore, it is important that businesses begin to introduce the cardboard into their packaging.

It should be noted that 80% of the respondents consider that the conservation of the environment is an urgent problem. In addition, they point out that it is companies and businesses that must begin to make changes towards a more sustainable future. In SelfPackaging we are changing some of the processes to reduce the environmental impact.


SelfPackaging towards a more sustainable future

Ana Etchenique, vice president of the CECU, admits that Spaniards have begun to include the environment in decision-making. It is not only about the product, but also the material and packaging presentation. Thus, cardboard is a safe bet for all businesses, especially in the fruit and vegetable sector.

SelfPackaging offers solutions for customizable and sustainable cardboard packaging. More and more brands are using packaging as a marketing and communication tool, since customers value the design and presentation, having a better user experience.

Finally, in SelfPackaging we are making changes to reduce our environmental impact, starting with reducing the plastic of our shipments. Little by little we are more aware of the importance and weight that we have as a company in society.

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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