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Prepare your advent calendar

26 Nov


In a few days we begin the month of December and the Advent season arrives, the countdown to the arrival of Christmas. They are a few weeks full of enthusiasm for both young and old. Advent calendars are a fun and super decorative way to have fun while Christmas arrives.

There are many types of advent calendars. Creativity marks the limits of each design and, the taste of each one defines the type of gift that hides each day of the calendar. The designs range from the classic box-shaped calendars treasuring delicious treats and even those that are ornaments for the tree hiding funny notes.



Today we are going to prepare our  DIY advent calendar and we want you to join us. This year we have created a calendar in the form of a Christmas wreath. When Christmas arrives you can keep the crown to continue decorating your home. Ah! And on the 24th (Christmas Eve) we have given him the place he deserves, see? ☺ All with different types of boxes.

Do not miss the step by step!

A post made in collaboration with Warm Home Life.




Small gift bag

Individual chocolate box

6-pointed star box

-Wooden frame or hoop

– Fir branches

– Natural pineapples

Black cord with golden specks

Hemp twine

Number stamps kit

-Black ink for stamps

Golden jingle bells

Mini kraft and white label

Christmas figures of colored felt

-Black and white marker pen

– Punch

– Scissors

– Double sided adhesive tape

– Candies, chocolates or gifts




1. To start, assemble the white bags with double-sided adhesive tape. And close them with the hemp rope. Paint dots with the black marker on the bottom of three of these boxes. Then, add a kraft tag and mark the date with the number and black ink stamps. The whole knot a Christmas figure of black felt.

2. Now mount five more boxes and decorate them with small fir twigs. You can paint the tips of the twigs with a white marker, to give them a snowy touch. Combine black or hemp rope with pineapples or mini kraft colored tags with white painted toitos. This time, place the number at the bottom of the box. Do not forget to keep each gift inside before closing them!



3. Next, assemble two kraft boxes and paint dots with the black marker on the bottom. Then add a white felt Christmas figure and a rattle on the knot of the black rope. And seal them with your number!

4. Use three more boxes of kraft color combining white label with the number stamped and more little black dots. Close the knot with a black felt Christmas figure.



5. Finally, use the individual chocolate boxes to make the composition of the crown more dynamic. With the black marker, paint black dots on five white boxes. Then, make a hole with the help of a punch to pass the hemp string and a mini kraft colored label with its respective stamped number.

6. Now use the white marker to paint dots on five kraft boxes and print their number on one side of the box. To give it a more fun touch, pierce a tab of the box with the punch and pass a piece of hemp rope with a rattle. Again, do not forget the gifts before closing each box!



7. So far you have to have prepared 23 boxes, but the last one is number 24! For the most important we have reserved the kraft star box and white sides. Decorate it with black polka dots and dial the number in the center.

8. Finally, tie all the boxes with more black rope with golden touches, at the bottom of the frame or wooden ring. The little star box hang it in the central part of the crown. Give the final touch by fixing fir twigs on the bottom with rope!

List! Your crown-shaped  DIY advent calendar is ready for December.



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By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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