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19 Oct
The most daring collection has arrived. Do you want to know more? In this post we will explain all the details of our cardboard makeup boxes. Whether you have a makeup business or a cosmetics ecommerce, this post interests you. You're about to discover the best option for your store: a customizable and sustainable packaging is possible in the beauty world. Discover the series of perfect boxes for storing shadows, mascara, nail polish, lipsticks......
Personalized cardboard mask box
30 Sep
Masks have become an essential in our day to day, but many times it is impossible for us to be aware of them. At SelfPackaging we have realized that many tend to keep them in their pocket, purse or even on the office table when they are not using them. That so wrong! Masks can get dirty easily, so we decided to create a cardboard mask box that could always be carried with you. We discovered that cardboard is one of the best materials to store your...
1 Sep
It's time to go back to school! Although this year is a little different, we want the course to start well. It's normal to be a little clueless the first few weeks of school, but being attentive and efficient can also be fun. A good way to do this is by organizing your documents in a cardboard organizer box. What a coincidence! In this post you will find the steps to make this wonderful cardboard organizer box with folders, to classify everything that is done during...
18 Jun
We know how hard it is to start a business, you start with a dream, and you gradually shape the idea until you finally have the entire business strategy created. If your idea is to set up an online store with product, you will want to know how to pack the shipments, what kind of box, material, quantities… At Selfpackaging we want to help you make your business work. We will recommend a resistant packaging that supports the shipments and we will advise you with...
How to ship prints and illustrations
29 May
Sending pictures or illustrations is usually the most tedious part when you are an artist and have a shop of your illustrations or designs. It is important that you dedicate time and effort to finding a box that protects and insures your shipments so that they do not get damaged along the way. In Selfpackaging you have asked us many times if we have boxes for prints or illustrations, so today we bring you some options that could serve you. If you want to send your...