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Eco Friendly Packaging
13 Jun
The world of packaging has to adapt to new trends to reduce environmental impact and raise awareness, so SelfPackaging has launched a collection of green boxes. That’s right, Eco friendly packaging  to contribute to the environment and be a little bit more sustainable. In today’s post we will explain the products and materials of the collection of Eco friendly packaging  with some novelties that we have added to the web. Gray or Pankaster cardboard The...
Flowers in a box to celebrate Spring
6 Jun
  With the arrival of June the end of spring is approaching, the most floral season of the year. We want to say goodbye to the top and for that we have some DIY to give flowers in boxes. Who does not like flowers? The flowers bring smiles, love their perfumes and make any stay beautiful. Giving flowers is a safe bet, there are of all styles and colors. That's why today we want to give you a few ideas so that when you give flowers they look much more with nice...
The cutest boxes for baby shower
30 May
  Surprise! Your best friend is pregnant and you want it to be the best Baby Shower in the world , but you do not really know how to start decorating it to be original and special. ¡Do not worry! In SelfPackaging we have launched a collection of Baby Shower boxes perfect for this occasion. You want to know more? Stay and you will know all the news! Cake topper The first novelty that we bring is a cake topper "Oh Baby", the ideal accessory that will give...
Marie Kondo style boxes
23 May
  Little by little the temperatures become warmer. The freshest and summer clothes are taking a preferential place in our wardrobe. It is possible that now we catch you making the change of wardrobe! Keeping those thick woolen jumpers and placing cool shirts by hand. Often, the change of season is usually a headache. Empty a large part of the dressing room to reposition everything again. Today we want to talk to you precisely about this and how the boxes can help...
How to make a bow with ribbon
9 May
Every time we think of the perfect gift-wrapping, we imagine a nice wrapping with a ribbon bow. Some shops will wrap your package with gorgeous wrapping, now you can learn it to do it at home, because a handmade bow is the perfect topper for gifts, and it makes it special! The secret for a perfect wrapping is the color, size and decoration. We absolutely love to keep presents boxes, in fact you can reuse them any time and it has more advantages that wrapping paper (Go...