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Signs on the packaging, what do they mean?
30 Jan
It is very common to find in all cardboard boxes and other materials, certain symbols difficult to decipher at first. That is why today we want to help you better understand what they mean and why they are marked. So the next time you meet one of them you will know how to recognize them, and you can treat the package as you should. Keep reading! How were these signs born? These signs were created by ISO (International Organization for Standardization)...
Custom Sushi boxes
23 Jan
As we have mentioned on many occasions, the way in which you present and deliver your product is an aspect that you should take care of in detail. Among the different elements that interfere with the presentation of your brand and product, is the packaging, our specialty! As our personalized packaging for sushi. The packaging must meet four requirements perfectly. First, it must contain and protect your product correctly. Second, its materials must be...
9 Jan
When the Christmas holidays are over, a pile of cardboard boxes and papers of the gifts we have received are piled up. This material can be perfectly recycled, if properly disposed of in its respective container. But today we are going to give you some ideas to recycle cardboard boxes as giving a second life. Reusing any material and extending its useful life is another way to help our planet! Do you have a couple of boxes at hand that you thought you would...
Happy New Year
19 Dec
  What a few days left to end December and start a new decade! At SelfPackaging we are already preparing our end of the year party to celebrate it in style. And today we want to share with you a few ideas that may interest you if you are preparing your party at home. New Year's Eve is full of traditions that vary by country. But celebrating the start of the new year surrounded by family and friends is common throughout the world. It is a very lively and fun...
Selfpackaging Xmas Challenge – Design Earth Friendly
12 Dec
  During this year we have dedicated all our efforts to try to reduce our footprint in the environment. Therefore, last Wednesday we brought together people interested in sustainability in a new edition of the Xmas Challenge. The objective was to make known all the actions that we are carrying out and those that are to come. Like every year, in December we decided to collaborate with an association by donating € 1 of each of our online orders. On this...