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La Cabellera de Berenice, jewelry made in Barcelona

14 Jun

Today we dive into the universe of Alberto Viso, founder of La Cabellera de Berenice, to learn about his career and his plans for the future. Passionate about fashion he created the brand in 2015 as a new proposal of contemporary jewelry made with premium materials. The need to create and express something different within the world of jewelry was what motivated him to create his own jewelry brand. 

She has been able to transmit in each of her creations her particular way of understanding life, a brand with magic with which she empowers both men and women. We leave you the link to her website so you can discover all her creations. 


La Cabellera de Berenice, jewelry made in Barcelona


How did the idea of La Cabellera De Berenice come up?

After working more than 14 years in the fashion industry I wanted to create something of my own. Almost 7 years ago, in 2015, I was working for a large multinational and although the work I was doing I liked it started to be monotonous and uncreative, that led me to experiment with jewelry and create my own designs. In 2016 and seeing that the designs I could create I liked I decided to dedicate myself fully to Berenice and professionalize it. 


How would you define La Cabellera De Berenice? What are its values?

La Cabellera de Berenice is my way of understanding fashion through jewelry. Its values are clear: quality, unique designs and local production. 


La Cabellera de Berenice, jewelry made in Barcelona


In the world of jewelry, how important is the packaging?

For me it is another element that speaks of the brand, like any other element that makes up the universe of Berenice, I take it into account. It is a key element for our online store, besides protecting the product in shipments is part of the special moment when you get home your new jewelry and open the box, I like to think that moment is like a self gift, and in any form of gift packaging is always important.


La Cabellera de Berenice, jewelry made in Barcelona


And RRRS, are they the perfect showcase?

For us it is a way to reach the public that we love. We really enjoy creating content.


How do you work to be sustainable?

For jewelry it is “easy” to be more sustainable, the use of reused gold and silver is something that the industry has always been doing and it is easy to access it. In the case of packaging our bags are made of fabric and are perfect for reuse, our boxes are always made of paper and cardboard, we do not use plastics. 


Next steps; where are you headed?

Well, right now we are about to release a new collection that I am very very proud of. We also have another project, something more secret, that we will soon be able to tell you about.

We have been their trusted packaging supplier for years, we love being part of such special brands. If you are looking for packaging for your brand of jewelry you can take a look at all the models we have on the website or request a quote for a custom design.

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