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Extraordinaria Fest #2022 – Entrepreneurship in women

23 Jun

We are happy to once again participate in a festival created “for empowered women and to empower women”. An event full of positive feminine energy to change the lives of many of us. A community of support for strong women walking in the same direction.

Do you want to discover what the Extraordinaria community is, read on!


Extraordinaria Fest #2022 - Entrepreneurship in women


Entrepreneurship in women and community

Extraordinaria is the community of women entrepreneurs who lead in feminine and grow in community. Its mission is to provide training, empowerment and support to women who have their own project so that they can live from their talent and create conscious businesses with a real impact on society.

More than 58% of women are entrepreneurs out of necessity, 85% of this figure is due to motherhood. 45% of women entrepreneurs need to complement their entrepreneurship with other income (figures 2020 observatory / 1500 responses).


Extraordinaria Fest #2022 - Entrepreneurship in women


Philosophy and values

Extraordinaria believes in…

  1. Talent: The Talent Revolution. Every person should live from what makes them happy, from their “extra” extra. And align your passion with your life purpose by universal decree.
  2. Conscious Business: The Conscious Business. All businesses, whatever type they are, must have a triple impact -economic, social, environmental-, because the world is a place we all inhabit and making it better is what makes you an extraordinary person.
  3. Feminine leadership: Feminine leadership. We believe in a feminine leadership aligned with our gender nature and needs. And we are certain that “from one leader is born another”, that is why we inspire women to lead themselves and lead in feminine to become referents.
  4. The community: The COMMUNITY. Support and growth through the group. We believe in the collective, a diverse, rich, safe and vital space where diversity reigns and at the same time we are united by values and a way of understanding life that drives us to inspire others.
  5. Self-knowledge: Entrepreneurship is a journey in which the only constant is learning. There is no entrepreneurship without self-knowledge. And there is no formula other than your own. 
  6. In you: If we have achieved it… so have you. We believe in the need to support and invest in female talent.


Extraordinaria Fest #2022 - Entrepreneurship in women


Extraordinaria experiences

Extraordinaria is born from face-to-face training experiences. Spaces where knowledge, emotion, dynamics and co-creation are aligned to generate ideas and grow both professionally and personally. 

Over the years they have designed more than 30 training experiences to empower and inspire hundreds of women entrepreneurs as they say “WE CREATE MOMENTS THAT ARE POINTS OF INFLEXION”.

Last week we had the pleasure of supporting the last edition of the event with the little boxes and stickers that were distributed to all participants. Being part of this event gives us the opportunity to support all women entrepreneurs and all those empowered women who want to make a change in their lives and truly dedicate themselves to their passion.


Extraordinaria Fest #2022 - Entrepreneurship in women


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