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Macarons for guests

4 May

Love is sweet, and even sweeter when shared with your loved ones! This is why, when it’s our turn to say I do, we all imagine a wedding full of little details. We want everything to be perfect and for our guests to go home as happy as possible. This is what today’s DIT is for… What better ending to your wedding day than a sweet macaron?




Sometimes we are so eager to thank our loved ones for their company we forget the most important thing is for them to be there, nothing else. But hey, sweet things never made anyone bitter, especially a single one. So cute no one will be able to refuse!







Step by step:



  1. Start by printing and cutting out the labels. You can do it with a box cutter or an automatic paper cutter if you have one. It will be faster but it’s harder to find. And careful with your fingers!
  2. Fold the box
  3. Place a macaron with the flavour and colour of your choice in the see-through slip and place it in the box.
  4. Cut a piece of washi tape and use it to close the box so the see-through slip in the box won’t move.
  5. Place a label in the top side of the box with some glue.



If you or your guests are crazy about sweet things, you will have to go all the way. Small boxes for macarons are the best idea! You can fit three or four units, depending on the bakery, and they look beautiful because you can see them clearly without opening the box.






Step by step:



  1. Start by printing and cutting out the labels.
  2. Fold the box
  3. Fill the box up with macarons. You can combine different flavours or follow a single suit.
  4. Cut a piece of washi tape of your choice and use it to close the box.
  5. Place the label at the top, overlapping the washi tape a little.


The best part is that the two models of boxes come in many different colours, so it will be very easy to combine the favours with the rest of the wedding decoration. You can also play with the washi tape, by now you will find them in thousands of colours, designs and sizes. You will find the perfect washi tape.



We hope you liked this simple DIY and that you find a use for the downloadable labels. You can print them on sticker paper to save yourself a bit of work, or even use the design to order stickers at a professional printer’s.

Whatever you decide to do, it will look amazing. And don’t forget… love is sweeter when you share it!


By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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