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19 May

I’m sure you have seen that, besides selling cute cardboard boxes, we have a selection of customisable glass jars with labels and a cardboard box for the perfect packaging. Do you want to learn how to decorate and customise glass bottles? Decorating a glass bottles!

You probably already know how to print customised boxes straight from our shop. Don’t you? Today we teach you some ideas on how to decorate glass bottles for very professional results created with lots and lots of care.

decorating a glass bottles 1

Let’s get to work with the step by step instructions!




Step 1: select a box and label

2.1 decorating a glass bottles

In this first step you must choose the bottle you like best and the label you want to customise. We have chosen the jar with reference E-TC3 and a square label.


Step 2: start the design

2.2 decorating a glass bottles

Once we have selected the label, we start designing the text to customise our label.


Step 3: select the background colour for the text

2.3 decorating a glass bottles

In this step, we select a background colour, in our case we chose yellow, to make a label for our lemonade.


Step 4: choose the font, size, colour and position of segment 1

2.4 decorating a glass bottles


Choose the font you like best and click on the first segment. We have chosen the Sacramento font, which goes very well with our lemonade, a 100% homemade product.

We write the word “Homemade” in size 35 font.


Step 5: choose the font, size, colour and position of segment 2

 2.5 decorating a glass bottles

The next step is to write the name of our product: “Fresh Lemonade” in two lines, with Mogambo font size 27, aligned to the centre.


Step 6: choose the font, size, colour and position of segment 3

2.5 decorating a glass bottles

Let’s think of the last line!

We choose size 26 Sacrament font and write: “Date: ………..” for since it is a homemade product it will look better if we write the date by hand.

Ours is ready!

decorating a glass bottles 2


As you will see in the final result, you can also upload an image that fits the product you want to sell or decorate. What do you think of decorating and customising glass bottles with a unique message up to now?

Now we teach you how to customise a jar of jam with an image!



decorating a glass bottles 3


Step 1: select the box and label

 1.1 decorating a glass bottles

In the same way as with our juice bottle, we choose the jar we like best, in this case, the one with reference E-TC4.

Once we have the product description page open, we choose the round label that will go in the lid.


Step 2: click on the image and upload it

 1.2 decorating a glass bottles1.2 decorating a glass bottles

Let’s design our label!

We select, “Upload image” and select the image you want on the label. Ready!


Step 3: Position the image inside the label

1.3 decorating a glass bottles 

You have uploaded the image and now you need to adjust it so it fits the label perfectly, just like you’d imagined.

Are you ready? You can move the image inside the label and make it bigger or smaller with the buttons.

Here is the perfect jar for our jams or preserves!

decorating a glass bottles 6


And who can resist these jars and glass bottles with a customised label?

decorating a glass bottles 5



By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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