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Ideas for homemade, low cost photocalls

27 Jan

Isn’t it great that photocalls are now all the rage? No two ways about it, if there is a photocall at an event everyone flocks towards it at some stage. Today we did a little research on the Internet so as to present you with a selection of ideas for homemade, budget friendly photocalls. Simple yet beautiful, they are certain to make your event a success.


Take a look at our card photocall, only £ 8.79 // 11.90 €, and it is sure to be a fun photo session- you can even create your own homemade photocall for birthday celebrations!


Here are some photocall ideas for weddings and other events- let’s take a look!


  1. Make a homemade photocall with pallets


This tool is super easy to find and will give your homemade photocall a rustic, natural touch. Imagine a country wedding decorated with pallets and fruit baskets- perfect!


homemade photcalls ideas

Photo as seen on Angelina Purpurina


And even better, the pallets are very easy to decorate. Take a look at this idea of decorating them with old, romantic wedding photographs…sigh!


homemade photocall pallets

Photo as seen on The lovely dose


2. Ideas for homemade wedding photocalls with curtains


The fabric adds a warm, homemade touch. If you choose well and pick some pretty, antique style curtains your photocall is sure to look as beautiful and elegant as this one:


homemade photocalls curtains

Photo as seen on Moment tips



Photo as seen on Photocall Valencia


3. Make a homemade photocall for birthday celebrations with fabric or paper strips


Perhaps a more time consuming option, but very colorful and cheerful.


wedding guest ideas

Photo as seen on


4.Make a homemade photocall with beautiful frames


This one is a classic. Be it as a decoration, background or for photos, these classic frames are sure to add a special something to your photocall. Have a look around markets, keep an eye out for any hidden gems in your town on bin collection day and start collecting!


wedding decoration ideas

Photo as seen on Pinterest


This frame from Ikea, for example, gets people talking and is sure to win everyone over!


original wedding photocall

Photo as seen on Y entonces dijo si


5. Make homemade photocalls with balloons


What could be more associated with a party than a plentiful bunch of balloons? Use them to decorate your photocall and you will see how they liven up the place, and how great they come out in photos afterwards!


original wedding photo booth

Photo as seen on a-morir


6. Make a homemade photocall with branches


And we’re back to searching for a romantic and rustic touch, ideal for weddings. With branches of reed you are sure to achieve this result and even better, they will go with any colour your guests may be wearing (something to also bear in mind).


original wedding photocall ideas

Photo as seen on Collage Studio


7. Make a homemade photocall with hanging origami figures


This is also a more time consuming option, but if you have someone to give you a hand and a little bit of time and patience, the result is simply spectacular…


handmade wedding ideas

Photo as seen on Collage Studio


8. Make a homemade photocall with banners


Whether they are made of fabric or paper, banners have arrived at parties and they are here to stay. Give your photocall a classic and vintage touch.


wedding banners ideas

Photo as seen on 101 bodas.


9. Make a homemade photocall with pompoms or paper fans


Fold, cut, twist and clip- give your photocall a handmade touch.


DIY wedding ideas

Photo as seen on vitamin d


What do you think of our ideas? Are you ready to try one? If you want to put one of these ideas into practice take a look at our card photocall, which you can decorate it to your taste. We’d love to see the finished product- invite us to your party?!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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