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How to reduce waste at home

12 Mar

Many times, we have explained the importance of recycling, but, the best option to help the planet is waste reduction. A residue is that material or product that loses its value after having fulfilled a function, which we generate daily at an alarming rate. That is why, if we do not generate them, we do not have to recycle or throw it away and therefore we are being more sustainable. There are many tips to eliminate or at least reduce waste, but in this post, we will teach the easiest to do in your own home. Here are 5 tricks for a Zero Waste house:

1. Ask yourself before buying. Many times, our compulsive purchases can mean bringing home things that we don’t really need or already have. If we do not buy unnecessary products, we reduce the waste that it would have generated. So, the next time you doubt a product, think “Do I really need it?” “Do I have something similar at home that fulfills the same function?” Apart from helping the planet, you will save a lot!

2. Avoid single-use products. Surely this is the best known and practiced. With the rise of the eco trend, many online stores bring us several options to replace bottles, bags and plastic cutlery. Disposable containers (from a fast food chain, for example) also fall into single-use products that generate a lot of waste every day. Therefore, dodge grocery bags and avoid takeaways. Easy right?

3. Start buying in bulk. The purchase of the peso has many benefits, both for the planet and for you. On the one hand, there is no plastic or single-use container, since glass cans and reusable bags are used to store food. If you are looking for how to reduce plastic easily, this is a good option. On the other hand, buying in bulk allows you to choose the desired amount of product, so it will never pass or fall short. In addition, products that are not processed are healthier and more natural. They are all advantages!

4. Secondhand clothes are in fashion. They say that every second, the equivalent of a truck full of clothes arrives at landfills. Most of these garments are in perfect condition, but for some reason they are no longer fashionable, or their owners have not put them back on. That cannot be! Clothing production needs a lot of energy, which could be reduced if we start buying second-hand or vintage, a trend that is becoming more faithful. In addition, most garments contain micro plastics that damage the oceans. If we reduce the consumption of new clothes, we also reduce plastic.

5.  Join sustainable challenges. There are many ways to raise awareness about sustainability, but if you challenge yourself it is easier to keep up. In SelfPackaging we have proposed to reduce waste in a very practical way: in a week you must put containers and plastic waste in this box, with the aim of NOT filling it. In addition to helping you with plastic reduction, you also donate your benefits to the Ecomar foundation. A ret or solidarity and sustainable! You join?

Following a respectful lifestyle with the planet may seem very complicated, but with small steps like these, you help more than you think! Now that you know how to reduce waste at home easily, get down to work.

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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