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Boxes for father’s day

5 Mar

How we love celebrations, special days and giving gifts! This March, Father’s Day  arrives and all the sons and daughters show a special gratitude and affection to our dear parents. Each one does it in their own way: some families gather around a table; others do some fun activity with dad and others give details to their parent.

Either way, your Father’s Day is a day to celebrate and exchange laughs and anecdotes. So, it doesn’t matter so much what kind of gift you are going to give to dad, the important thing is that that detail you give conveys love and care. The little big details are the ones that really count! To succeed, be attentive to the tastes and needs your father has these days. 😉

Whether you’re buying gifts, giving experiences or beautiful framed photos … Self-Packaging makes it easy and beautiful for your gift to look perfect! We know that there are objects that are difficult to wrap, such as a tie, a bracelet, etc. Ah! And if you give an experience written on a card, how is it better in an envelope or box? 😉

We can help you make your gift stand out even more! For example, this year we have focused on men’s accessories. These objects have very different shapes and we have a box for any of them. And many sizes too!

We have assembled these boxes with a design that represents one of the most elegant accessories: the tie. But we have given our personal touch, a very fresh and citrus print to give it a more fun point. You can print your boxes yourself with this design by accessing our print configurator from the product file. Enter, select the faces to print from the box and access the design library. You can change colors, sizes and include text if you wish!

Your little box will be fully personalized for your father hallucinates with the effort he has put into his gift this year. 😉 In addition, we assure you that this box will not go directly to the trash. In most cases, when someone receives a gift with a nice and hard-working wrap or packing, they keep it as a souvenir or can reuse it for something else. Isn’t it great to give it a second chance?

For the wallet we have used the flat box, if you wish you can add tissue paper inside to give it more color. In this same box you can keep a beautiful frame with a picture of you, a gift voucher, etc. With the small bag-shaped box for small gifts you can store anything: twins, a watch, some chocolates for greedy parents, etc. With the biggest matchbox you can give a tie, a belt, etc. You see that the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy giving away and make your gifts look prettier in these boxes!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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