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How to increase sales thanks to good packaging

21 Jan

Within a market that is saturated with products and competition, any minor detail could be the difference between success or failure. That’s why packaging has always been an important tool in order to stand out from the mass of products, and so without a doubt, good packaging can become something to make sales increase. But how can we make a “simple” container become a sales asset and make your brand more memorable? In SelfPackaging we are going to explain it to you.


Make your product relevant

Good packaging isn’t only based on being eye-catching, but it also strengthens the product itself, making it relevant and different. For example, at Nutella they decided to provide value in a very simple way: allowing you to buy your tub of Nutella with the name of your choice on it. Although it seems simple, it’s true that they got what they set out for, which was creating a link between the customer and their product. And a link isn’t something that can be easily broken. In this way they were able to attract new customers who were excited to have a big tub of chocolate with their name on it, and they made the existing customers even more loyal. That’s not to mention what they were able to do on social media. Who hasn’t seen pictures of their friends posing with the tub of Nutella with their name on it? It’s not easy to find a way to make packaging promote the product, but if you are able to do it, you will have a highly valuable asset for your brand.



Help the customer with their decision to make a purchase

Let’s put ourselves in the situation of being in a shopping centre. You’ve got a cleaning product in front of you, but you don’t know if it’s what you need. On the back there is a lot of writing and technical words. Would you buy the product? Or would you choose one first on your phone and when you take a photo of it it tells you the key benefits and features? Packaging isn’t just about getting people’s attention, but it’s also about making the customer’s decision to make a purchase easier, and that is done by helping them and giving them reasons to choose us. In this sense, with new technology and smart packaging it is easier, but not all good packaging has to include technology in order to stand out.



Limited editions that adapt to fashions

By way of definition, fashions are temporary, whilst packaging tends to be semi-permanent.  It keeps changing over time, but not so much as with fashions. That’s why a good way of showing your customers that your brand is current is by way of limited editions. This includes packaging or capsule collections which are launched for a specific time and will not be sold again. They aren’t launched as a replacement of the brand’s “main” packaging, but as an extra, something that if the customer wants it, they must buy it as soon as possible to avoid it selling out. Besides showing that our brand is a modern brand which focuses on what is happening in the world, we also appeal to the customer’s sense of uniqueness which we all have.



Make packaging simple

The market, especially the retail market, is highly over saturated. The customers’ decision to make a purchase when they are looking at the products lasts only a few seconds. If we make complex packaging, where the customer has to think a lot about it or it has a lot of information on it, the potential customer will just look for a product that doesn’t get them worked up. Nowadays in society we are too busy to stop and read and compare products. That’s why simple and eye-catching packaging, with the right amount of necessary information is without a doubt something that the customer is thankful for after being worn out by the constant bombardment of brands.



Redesign stock products

Sometimes companies start to accumulate product stock that won’t be as successful on the market, perhaps because it isn’t likeable or because there are newer and better products. A good way to help to reduce this stock, and of course, recover part of the investment is by creating kits with discounts. For these “stalled” products, a new packaging image and an extra discount could attract customers or make them feel like the product is different enough from another one in order to give it another chance.  Sometimes small changes in packaging can give big results.



Create kits by category

Another good way of reducing stock and increasing sales is by creating kits by category. This works more specifically with brands that have different products that are within the same category (for example, hygiene). With a simple revamp, like incorporating a cardboard sleeve, you can provide it with a different message whilst bringing different products together.  The latter example can be taken advantage of for cross-selling, for example, saying that by buying a kit you will receive X amount of discount on another product. This is without a doubt a good way to get rid of old product stock whilst boosting the sales on new products.



Now that you know some techniques for increasing sales with packaging, you just have to apply the one that fits best with your brand. Of course, there are infinite ways to put them into practice and it isn’t easy, but if you are able to adjust them to your aims, you can achieve great results that will go much further beyond mere sales.


Source: Box Maker

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging
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