Bottle for juice or milk


How cool! Ideal for milk, natural juice, smoothies or other drinks. Perfect for homemade preserves too. Includes a twist-off topWith a wider mouth that regular half-liter bottles. A simple style with flat sides and receding space for labels to make labelling easier.

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Bottle for juice or milk

At a glance
  • Bottle for juice or milk. Create your own juices, cold broths, vegetable soups, etc.!
  • Made of clear glass and with a twist-off top
  • With a capacity of 500ml
What this bottle is like
  • It holds 500 ml and 250 gr
  • Made out of clear glass and in a simple style with flat sides
  • The diameter of the bottle is 71.00 / 43.00 mm and it is 192.00 mm tall.
What this bottle is for
  • Bottle for juice, milk, vegetable soups or cold broths
  • A pretty bottle to sell or manufacture your own preserves
  • How cute!