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22 Dec

Christmas is finally here! A magical celebration for the young and the old. A time when we all get together around the table to enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Our house fills up with gifts and decorations that were prepared with great enthusiasm. Today we are going to talk about those places near to the table where we are going to spend our Christmas holidays.

Do you have a little corner where you can put one final finishing touch? We bet you do! We are going to decorate some cardboard “Merry Christmas” letters and a really nice reindeer figure. We are going to adapt it to your style. We are also going to combine it with some fir tree branches and wreaths with Christmas lights.

Are you up for it?


A super post made in collaboration with Warm House Life.




Cardboard Merry Christmas letters 

Small cardboard reindeer 

Hot glue applier

White pompoms 

Beige acrylic paint

Gold acrylic paint


Fir tree branches

Christmas lights




  1. To start, paint the front face of the word “merry” using the beige acrylic paint and a flat paintbrush.  Then, leave it to dry.
  2. Then, distribute a few white pompoms around the centre of the word “Christmas”. When you have them all even, stick them one-by-one with the hot glue gun.   



  1. Now it is time to stick both words together with hot glue. Stand up the word “christmas” which will be the base and on top of it “merry”. Because the top word is shorter, look for the best way for it to fit.  
  2. You will receive the small reindeer with the cardboard layers separately. So before anything else, glue each layer with hot glue. Then give it a golden touch with the acrylic metallic paint and a paint brush.



  1. Choose a place to put the cardboard figures and prepare the surface with some fir tree branches. Don’t forget to add the Christmas lights, they are the key to lighting up the decorations!
  2. Finally, place the “merry christmas” and the reindeer on the branches.



Now it is a Merry Christmas! Enjoy these celebrations with your friends and family.


By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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