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28 Feb

The most colourful party of the year is here! Carnival is synonymous with colour and fun. For us it’s also synonymous with creativity. We love making our own costumes and decorating weird and wonderful parties!

It’s a celebration where age is just a number, both young and old people get dressed up as their favourite characters. It’s so fun to get dressed up as a group because everybody gets involved in creating the clothing and preparing for the party. The most important thing is to decide on a theme and think about every detail: clothes and decorating the space for the party.

Today we are going to show you an idea for a Superheroes party, but you can also adapt it to the theme of your party. We are going to decorate some cube-shaped boxes to hold sweets for the guests. Each one will represent a different superhero. Within your theme you can use the character that you want.

The little ones of the household are sure to love these handicrafts. Let’s begin!



  1. Mini white circular labels
  2. Boxes for creams in different colours
  3. Coloured card
  4. Pencil
  5. Black marker pen
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue stick

Step by step:



  1. Captain America has three colours in total: navy blue, red and white. We will use a navy-blue coloured box for the base. To start, cut out a white circle or use a stencil. Then cut out two red circles, one with a bigger diameter than the other. To finish off, cut another navy blue one. With a glue stick, glue one on top of the other to make the shield.
  2. Then, draw a star with 5 points on some white card with the same measurement as the smaller navy-blue circle. After that, stick it on top with some glue. In the same way, place the shield in the centre on one of the box’s sides. Then, draw a few wings like the ones on his helmet with black marker pen and white card. To finish, stick them on each side on the top of the box.




  1. This superhero is the fastest of them all in red, yellow and white. On a white circular label, go around the edge with a black marker pen.
  2. Now draw the thunder on some yellow card and stick it to the centre of the circle. To finish, stick it on the centre on one of the box’s red sides.





  1. This superhero is characterised by black and yellow. On a yellow piece of card, draw an ellipse and colour the edges with a black marker pen. Then, draw the distinctive bat in the same colour.
  2. To finish off, cut out the perimeter of the ellipse and stick it on a black box with the glue stick, like in the previous steps.




  1. As its name states, it’s green and it contrasts with white. So, first draw its symbol on a piece of green card. It has two small horizontal rectangles and a ring in the centre.
  2. Then, cut it out and stick it on another white circular label. Like in the previous steps, stick it all on the centre of one side of the box with a glue stick.  




  1. This character is part of the X-MEN. In the comics he is represented by the colour yellow and the group’s logo in an X shape. Colour a circular label black and leave it to dry.
  2. Then, draw four quarters on another piece of red card so represent the negative of the X. After that, stick each piece equally inside the black circle. To finish off, stick it all on a yellow box.



All done! Now we have some super boxes for a super carnival Superheroes party!

See you soon!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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