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Make money by customizing your business packaging

8 Aug

Whether you sell products online, or if you have a physical business, you already know how important custom packaging is to increase the branding of your company or brand. 

Packaging has become another sales element to pay attention to, innovate and modify over time. It has undoubtedly gone from being an element of protection to having its own personality. The customer is looking forward to his package and its appearance can influence his impression even before opening it.


Increase the sales of your business by improving the packaging

Depending on the branding of the company or brand, the packaging style should be in line and in harmony with the corporate image and values. Packaging has become another step in the care of the brand image and buyer loyalty strategy.

For it to work, it must be in line with your values and remain practical and profitable for your business. So you have to let your imagination fly and bet on an eye-catching but low cost packaging that even the most demanding customers will fall in love with.

At Selfpackaging we have the best team of designers that will help you throughout the creative process from start to finish. Defining the idea, adjusting the details, until the end of the production, making each step as easy as possible. If you have an idea in mind that you want to make it come true, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Small details make the difference

Taking care of even the smallest detail will increase customer satisfaction, and as you know, a happy customer equals a loyal customer. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes is the best strategy to know what to include.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Include a handwritten note; they will see the effort and personal involvement in each order.
  2. Include more units; whenever possible, as in our case the boxes, including a few extra units is a nice touch.
  3. Spray the box with perfume. If you sell clothes or products where a scent can be added, don’t hesitate, activate your customer’s senses. Smelling good is always a plus.
  4. Change the packaging from time to time. If the products you sell have a high recurrence of purchase, changing the packaging from time to time can create a surprise factor in your consumers.
  5. Limited edition packaging; jump into the pool and create limited edition packaging for special dates. Christmas, Halloween, Women’s Day, etc.



How to improve your brand’s image with customized packaging

Taking care of even the smallest detail will increase customer satisfaction and, as you know, a happy customer equals a loyal customer. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes is the best strategy to know what to include.

New trends in packaging can help you position yourself as a modern and socially responsible business. Opting for eco-friendly packaging can help the planet while positioning you as a brand and your values. It is important that before you start creating the whole brand image in communication, packaging and everything else, you define the values on which to start building.

Creative ideas to customize packaging for your business

If you have already made the decision to switch to the fun side of packaging, now you just need to get down to work and choose from all the options available. Let’s go there! On our website you can find different ways to customize your boxes:

  • Single-sided or full-sided printing

Customize the box with a logo, on all sides, with a phrase or stamped design that covers the entire box. Discover the examples we have on our Instagram of examples that other users have made.

  • Printed girdle

Run and take a look at our printed bands! A step further in the design of your packaging. Design a full color band to cover the box and surprise with a careful and surprising design.

  • Personalized sticker

Discover the most economical option to customize your boxes! This is certainly the least recommended option as it is not as eye-catching, but it will still add a personal touch to the standard box.



Now that we have reviewed several ways to customize your packaging, dare to customize your next packaging. All these types of printing can be found on our Selfpackaging website or you can easily and quickly request a custom quote by clicking on the following link.


Don’t hesitate and contact us to make it happen!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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