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Lined boxes

4 Jun

We have taken another creative step and have decided to expand our catalogue with these lined boxes at SelfPackaging!

These lined boxes are, quite literally, UNIQUE; we have created a specific design that moves away from traditional boxes but that maintains the same exact appearance. Their easy assembly, their resistance and their premium feel make them the perfect boxes to give your products and exclusive look. They are also ideal for special and completely adaptable to any situation because of the wide range of colours available.

We use the same materials used to make lined boxes, but we have changed the way they are assembled and, by doing this, we can send them completely flat. This reduces the volume of the parcel and the price of the transport. Also, if you purchase 250 units or more and want to customise them, you can print an image of your choice or even adapt the measurements to your needs!


Do you want to take a look at these premium boxes? We are sure one of them will become special to you.


Lined boxes



These square boxes are made out of hard cardboard and lined with an extra sheet of card. They are available in a wide range of colours and in two different sizes. They are perfect if you have a shop and want to enhance the image of your products -making them look absolutely Premium- or if you need to make a present and want it to stand out. They are especially suitable for small objects.

There is also a rectangular version of the lined boxes. They are the best if you want to use them for medium sized objects like shirts or other things, for they are also available in two sizes. Combine them with other accessories and you will create the perfect box!


Accessories for the outside



Before you show how special the inside is, you must surprise with the outside.

Who closes their boxes with Sellotape? With this tape you will close your box like it deserves, adding a touch of intimacy and elegance. Customise the outside too with these printable labels.


Accessories for the inside



With these accessories for the inside of your lined box you’ll make sure it stands out and protect the product at the same time.


Now, isn’t it the perfect moment to add that distinguishing touch to your products?

A good public image is priceless, don’t you think?


By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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