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3 Nov

Packaging in many cases ends up acting as a marketing strategy to promote products or create brand experiences through its packaging, wrapping or labels. For this reason, brands and companies are increasingly opting for Welcome Packs. Event welcome kits, product presentation packs, welcome gifts for new employees or subscriber packs are some examples of where welcome packs are used.



What is a Welcome Pack and what is it used for?

A welcome pack is a corporate box with branding products or products of the company in question, which aims either to present a new product or to give a gift to the person to whom it is addressed for their loyalty, participation or trust.

Currently, one of the growing trends is to create Welcome Packs for influencers in which they are not only given a product, but also experiences and stories about the brand that they can share on their profiles and act as a lever to attract new customers. 

One of the main objectives of a welcome pack is to impact, surprise, provoke a reaction, interact and, above all, excite the recipient. If you do a good job, adapting your Welcome Pack strategy to the values, interests and tastes of your ideal client or user, they will surely end up making an impact not only because of the product or service, but also because of the experience. You will get them to remember you more and, above all, to recommend and share you immediately.

But the most important thing before thinking about how to make a Welcome Pack is to think about its purpose: for a direct marketing action, an action for the point of sale, a product launch, to create brand ambassadors, etc… Whatever the purpose, with a Welcome Pack, one thing is clear: the container can be more important than the content.


What should a welcome pack contain?

As we have already mentioned, the most important thing in a welcome kit is the container, because it is the first thing you see and what makes you want to open it or leave it for later.

What is a Welcome Pack and what is it used for

The initial reaction is fundamental for a brand and can mark the brand-customer relationship for life. While it is true that relationships can be reversed, getting off to a good start or doing something surprising will determine the future of your customers. This is not to say that content is not important, it is very important, but it takes a back seat. 

Depending on the type of action we are carrying out, the container and the content will vary. The welcome kit for an event, for example, will contain branding products, information about the collaborating brands, perhaps material necessary for the development of the event, etc. On the other hand, the product presentation kit will seek to surprise in its shapes, designs, etc. and obviously there will be information about the product and the product itself.

For the container, it is important to determine whether the welcome kit should be sent by post or hand-delivered; this determines the material in which it will be made. It is also important to take into account the delicacy of the products inside, as in this case a holder will still be needed to secure the product so that it does not move, among other things.


Examples of welcome packs


  1. Welcome pack for a Direct Marketing action

This Welcome Pack was created for top executives, as an invitation to an event in luxury hotels.

Welcome pack for the launching of a product


  1. Welcome pack for the launching of a product

The packaging will be the way in which the world will meet you for the first time and will be dazzled (or not) by the design in front of their eyes.

This Welcome Pack was created for the launch of a new Armand Basi perfume. 

Welcome pack for the launching of a product

This other welcome pack was created for Sköda’s new car model, the Yeti. An attractive and impressive packaging with white Yeti hair and, inside, materials such as earth, water and grass to convey that the new model was a 4×4.

Welcome Pack for a car launching


  1. Welcome Pack for PR

An essential packaging for journalists or media to get to know the product first hand and be able to tell the experience or transmit the message.

This welcome gift was created for the watch brand Seiko for the press.

Welcome Pack for PR


  1. Welcome Pack for the Point of Sale

Every day we are confronted with all those products that are piled up on shelves and that want to attract attention through their packaging. Some succeed and others go unnoticed.

This packaging was designed for the point of sale, for Flor de Esgueva cheese. A packaging that transmits the care taken in the manufacture of the cheese, its flavour, its textures, etc. A packaging that is attractive and gives security to the product.

Welcome Pack for the Point of Sale


  1. Welcome Pack for Brand Ambassadors

At SelfPackaging we wanted to surprise our collaborators on Sant Jordi’s Day and we made a packaging that included everything necessary to grow a rose.

Welcome Pack for Brand Ambassadors


  1. Welcome Pack to create Prescription

A perfect example of how to make a Welcome Pack of this type is the one we created for the cosmetic products of the Sepai brand. A packaging that showed the whole range of creams that the brand has. A sample book to create prescriptions and recommendations.

Welcome Pack to create Prescription

Creating a personalised welcome pack

As we have seen, the Welcome Packs are totally customisable and with different purposes. All of them have the main objective of making an impact and generating brand image, but depending on the marketing objective behind them, as well as the budget we have, the time, the target audience, etc., we will have to narrow down our idea, always complying with the brand image and values.

At Selfpackaging we create the perfect welcome kit for your brand. The options are endless and there is no project that we can’t handle!

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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