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29 Mar
Painting Easter eggs won’t be complicated anymore. In this post will give you some tips to obtain a brilliant result.
White eggs
White vinegar
Natural hemp cord
Food colorants
Paper towel
Recipients to dye each egg separately
A spoon
Black marker
A washi tape roll
Firstly, we fill the recipients –we took plastic glasses- with water and we will add in them some food colourant drops.
Add few drops of white vinegar, which we’ll sit the colour easily on the eggs’ shell..
And with the spoon’s help, immerse an egg in each recipient.

Let the eggs settle 10 minutes’ time inside the food colourant.
Then, let the eggs dry outside the recipient. If it is so sunny as today… 3 minutes is enough
Et voilà! On the coloured shell we write and draw what we want with a marker, surround the egg by hemp cord and we can make a washi tape flag hanging on it
Everything is ready, you can give our cupcake box with transparent lid as a present and… hide the eggs in the garden or inside your home. They will have a great time try to find them! 😉
By Elisabet, SelfPackaging
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