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Winter Animals
4 Dec
In the last few days of November we know there's no turning back, the cold season is here. Mountains are snowed over and lakes are frozen. It's the time of year to enjoy our homes with a cup of hot tea on the sofa. The atmosphere we create at home should be at its best: a few cinnamon candles, the fire or heater on and a nice and warm blanket tight around us. The change of season is the perfect moment to add new decorative touches at home. Winter touches to start warming up...
Save the date
16 Jun
The moment has arrived: You’re getting married! Now you have an endless list of choices to make and things to arrange: the date, the place, the meal, the dress, etc. But let's start with the most important part: sharing the news with your loved ones. Both family and friends will be thrilled to hear. Of course, no one should miss it, so you need to make a full list of guests. Once you have it, you need to make sure everyone saves the date so they can make it. You could do...
Kit for the bride
25 May
You and your friends are looking for a celebration and a wedding. The party, the fun, laughter and tears are a must in these kinds of events. These very emotional moments become unforgettable to the bride and groom's friends and family. Luckily in your group of friends, one of you just got engaged! There is no time to lose: the fun and the partying should begin, the sooner the better. You have already started planning the bachelorette party but it won't happen for a...
Macarons for guests
4 May
Love is sweet, and even sweeter when shared with your loved ones! This is why, when it's our turn to say I do, we all imagine a wedding full of little details. We want everything to be perfect and for our guests to go home as happy as possible. This is what today's DIT is for... What better ending to your wedding day than a sweet macaron?   A LITTLE GIFT Sometimes we are so eager to thank our loved ones for their company we forget the most important thing is...
Do you want to be my bridesmaid?
24 Apr
You and your friends are close, it's easy to tell. And now you're getting married... even more so! They get you and are there for you all the time: when you hesitate about the number of starters you should serve, when you don't know which kind of paper would be best for invitations, when you don't know whether to braid your hair or wear it down... They are nothing but supportive. And because only the most special friends are promoted to bridesmaids, the "favour" needs to...