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DIY scratch card for Valentine’s day

8 Feb

One of the most loving yearly traditions there are is giving someone a large love card on Valentine’s day. It is a beautiful way to communicate our love to our partner, family or friends. Year after year, very original and creative cards are made. A great alternative to buying one is making it yourself. Doing so, you’ll be able to customise the design. This year we suggest a fun an interactive DIY scratch card. And you can create a gift voucher for the receiver: “worth a hug”, “worth a dinner”, “worth a romantic getaway”, “worth a  visit sumatra“, “worth a visit Pamplona“… We leave that to you!

Today we are going to teach you how to create a card with a hidden area for the present, so as to make it a surprise for the receiver. By scratching the surface, the gift will be revealed. You can even include a “try again” line to make it more fun.

It is very easy: first, download our printable card, where you will see three hearts in dotted lines. Write the gift and other fun ideas inside. Then, colour in each heart with the mix we describe in the step by step instructions. Once you are done, place it in our beautiful envelope and it’ll be ready to deliver.

Let’s get started!

DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day

A super post in collaboration with Esencia Gráfica. 



DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day 


DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day

1 – Download and print the card on a DIN A4 sheet. Then cut it out and use a black felt-tip pen to write down the gift or fun wishes in each heart. Then, colour in each one with the white crayon (over the written text).

2 – Using the paintbrush, mix the acrylic paint with a drop of washing up liquid.

DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day

3 – Paint the three hearts with the paint and soap mix. You may need two layers to make sure you hide the writing.

4 – While the card dries, decorate the envelope. Using the white ink and stamp kit, write a pretty sentence.

DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day

5 – When the ink is dry, assemble the envelope, folding each mark.

6 – Place the card inside the envelope.

DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day

7 – Now, it’s time to decorate the outside of the envelope, using 3D hearts and washi tape.

8 – Cut a strip of the hearts ribbon, wrap it around two of the envelope’s corners and tie it into a bow.

Valentine’s day, here we come! When the day arrives, whoever receives your card will have to scratch each heart with a coin to get to their present.

DIY Scratch card for Valentine's day

By Elisabet, SelfPackaging
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