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3 Apr

Today we bring you an idea for the little ones in the household.
What child doesn’t love farmyard animals? They love seeing them on cartoons, visiting them in the countryside or imitating their sounds. With this tutorial you will be able to host a party at home with the most famous farmyard animals whilst the kids learn and enjoy.

We have chosen: cows, piggies, sheep and chicks. You can also adapt it to other animals by following the same process. You can make as many as you like!

We are going to use our S-size picnic boxes to bring them to life with the different farmyard animals. The size of the box is perfect so that they can work comfortably. We have had some help from kids to put them together and they loved it. It’s a really entertaining and creative activity!



A super post made in collaboration with Warm Home Life.





Step by Step 




  1. To make the little piggy, use the pink picnic box. Cut out the shape of the piggy on a different coloured piece of card so that is acts as a contrast. Then, with the same coloured card as the box, cut out the inside of its ears, snout and feet. With black card, cut out the eyes, the snout and the curly hair on its forehead. Finally, cut out some nails with white card and draw a smile with a black pen.
  2. Assemble the box with the help of a little double-sided tape. To make the piggy fatter, use some pieces of thick cardboard. Stick the pieces on the back of its face and feet. Then stick it all to the cardboard box. This way there will be a little space between which will give it a fatter appearance.





  1. For the chick, use the yellow picnic box. Cut out the shape of its face with yellow card. Then, cut out the crest and the chin with red card and some yellow card for its beak and feet. The smiley eyes can be cut out with black card or painted with black pen. Then, stick all the parts of its face.
  2. Assemble the box by following the steps. To finish off, stick some pieces of thick card behind its face and feet, like in the previous model, and fix it to the picnic box with glue or double-sided tape.




  1. For the sheep, use the white picnic box. Like in the previous models, cut out the white head with lots of round shapes, as if it were a cloud. Then, cut out the shape of its face with pale yellow or beige card. As an extra, on the top of its face, follow the shape of the wool so that it looks like the sheep has a fringe. Then, with pink card cut out the ears and the nose. For the legs use a piece of black card. Again, you can use the black pen to do the eyes and mouth or black card.
  2. To finish off, assemble the box and stick the head onto it. Use the cardboard trick again to make it fatter and stick it all to the picnic box.





  1. For the cow, take the black picnic box. Cut out the silhouette of the shape with the ears and horns on white card. Then, with pink card cut out the insides of the ears and the snout. To finish off, cut out its feet and all the patches on its body with black card.
  2. Assemble the box and fill the body with white card. Once it is filled, stick the patches all over the body one-by-one. If cutting out the nostrils and the mouth is difficult, you can use a black pen. Finally, stick the rest of the cut outs onto its face and stick them onto the card to make the picnic box fatter.



Everything is ready for the farmyard party!


By Elisabet, SelfPackaging

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