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  • Celebrate love on your wedding day by giving this box ideal for two macarons. Nobody is bitter for a sweet, that's why this type of gift is becoming a winning option for important events. This elegant little box will be the perfect accompaniment for handmade macarons made especially for the event. Finish it off with the personalised sticker and seal your box.

  • Do you want to surprise your guests with an artisan sweet? We present you our cinnamon roll box, a sweet that everyone likes. The design of the square box allows you to put inside all kinds of handmade creations from cookies, cupcakes, etc.. Choose the color and customize it with your logo, photo or phrase and enjoy giving to your guests.

  • Every popular holiday has its corresponding candy, a way to celebrate and enjoy the holidays in a different way. With our box with transparent lid the customer will be able to see the product inside. A good presentation can make your candy look more attractive and tasty.

  • This box gives off so much love!

    With a pink slip and Kraft-coloured inside, you'll conquer everyone. Decorated box with dotted washi tape, a hemp string and a pretty customised label with the message "With love"

    A clear declaration of love.

  • 1,56 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Cardboard chocolate box. Find the insert here.

  • Little box for Easter eggs with the shape of a rabbit. With the natural hemp cord it will be much easier to decorate.

  • Little card box perfect for wedding favours or party invitations.

  • It’s simple but nice. This little box in kraft can be matched with a natural cord

  • Original small box in silver, ideal for wedding favours. It is very easy to assemble, no glue required, so it is ideal when you need to assemble a big amount of them. 

  • Box for a single cupcake, it is decorated for Halloween parties. Ask here if you want to purchase your gift box in this colour.

  • Box for Easter eggs in shape of a rabbit. On our blog you’ll find a tutorial to dye Easter eggs.

  • Card food tray ideal for patisseries and food truck services. Food safe cardboard available.

  • Lovely pink box to give as a present to a girl in her birthday, first communion or any other special event. You can customize however you want; adding, for instance, some buttons on the label, which gives it a special touch.

  • Original gift box for wedding favours. Personalise the box with the couple’s names and wedding date for a perfect wedding package.

  • This box is very versatile as a gift, for its original closing in a shape of a flower. In this case it has been used as a hotel’s welcome gift. Customize it with your company label and the result will be as nice as this one!

  • Smart, small and square box for chocolates. For its shape and its inner reinforcements, it is ideal as a wedding invitation or favour.

  • Gift bag with cord for wedding favours. Put the couple’s names and wedding date on the adhesive self-printable label for a personalised package.

  • Small elegant box, ideal to give as a present for Christmas. It is easy to assemble, no glue required, so it is ideal for events and invitations.

  • Little cardboard bag for shops. For its simplicity it is perfect as a wrapping for shops.

  • Gift bag with cord for Christmas. Print your company logo on the adhesive self-printable label, for a personalised package.

  • Smart box in metallic bronze colour. It can be a small gift to contain some sweets and chocolates as a welcome gift to the hotel clients.

  • Little cardboard sack for christening favours. With our childish felts you’ll get a personal favour for your guests.

  • Ideal for Halloween candy and sweets. Ask here if you want it in orange.

  • Cardboard personalised boxes for companies. Package for events. Ask here if you want to print over 500 units.

  • Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Then you will love personalising this box. This little box with cord is ideal for decorating with scrapbook features. Perfect for any kind of gift. Present your gift in the most personal way!

  • Little gift box for Valentine’s Day. With our felt hearts you’ll get the perfect package for the most romantic present.

  • This beautiful bag with string is perfect to use as packaging for sweets. You can create your own personalized bags on our website, adding your company logo and a pretty image. This personalized box is very useful for sweet and chocolate shops, bakeries, patisseries and for giving as a small gift at any event.

  • The decoration on this gift box is perfect for a Valentine's or anniversary gift for your partner. It's very easy to make and looks really cool.

    Just add a nice bow to the box and finish up the decoration with your favourite coloured feathers. A very romantic touch for a nice surprise. Love is in the air!

  • This gift box is most surprising. Because of its flower-shaped opening this box is perfect for a Valentine's gift or a special occasion.

    Decorate it with love messages printed with a Dymo and add a red ribbon: isn't it a romantic gift? Now you can choose who to give it to ;)

  • This simple gift bag becomes really original packaging thanks to this decoration you can make yourself. Ideal for Star Wars fans.

    Buy these labels, add a string to close it and decorate the box with a piece of silver washi tape. Cute!

  • Square custom box. Size S can be printed directly from our website. Get an amazing result! ;)

  • Square presentation box for chocolates. It’s perfect for Easter.

  • 1,94 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Are you having a party? Make it the coolest party with this cone decorated box! A perfect box to keep all types of sweets or to give as a present at baptisms or communions.

    The kids will love it! Decorate it with washi tapes, labels, strings, etc.

  • White Christmas! This Christmas, your presents will make even more of an impression. Whit and black boxes decorated with white labels and a ribbon. Perfect for gifting jewellery, sweets, and all kinds of little gifts to surprise who you want this festive season.

    You can personalize them with any number of decorations: felt, washi tapes, banners, etc.

    Enjoy a White Christmas!

  • A littler original and different box for your mos Christmassy presents. We have it! With this cone box in white and red, you will be spot on. You can decorate it with stripes or small confetti, or with the pictures that you like most.

    You can also decorate with labels, thin twine, bells and a small plant. What a cool combination!

    Ideal for sweets, jewellery or little trinkets.

  • 2,49 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 2,18 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 1,98 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Do you have something small and beautiful to give this Christmas? This long small envelope box is the perfect packaging! Get inspired by our decoration ideas and give the perfectly wrapped gift this Christmas. Whoever you give it to will love it, we're sure.

  • Rectangular box perfect to put chocolates inside, place up to 5 small chocolates inside and present them in an elegant way! Thanks to its top opening, the chocolates will be protected and well presented at the same time. Use this box for chocolates for your business by personalising it or as a gift.

  • Enjoy like a child with our animal-shaped boxes! Children and adults alike will fall under the charm of these little boxes in the shape of a rabbit, mouse and elephant. Available in different colors, they will add a personal touch to any children's event.

  • Protect your homemade cookies with our shipping box. This Christmas enjoy giving packs of cookies to your friends and family, undoubtedly, a gift to conquer stomachs and hearts. Cookies are a delicate product so opt for a sturdy box for shipping these delicacies.