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Find out the advantages and exclusive services for your business:

  1. 1 Ask for your samples without any obligation

    Try us before ordering, without obligation. It is easy! You can request samples of all our boxes from the catalog, tailored or with customized printing Thus, you can check their quality or make a simulation to ensure it is the perfect box for you. Besides, if you do decide to place an order, we will discount the price of each sample using a discount code ... And we know you will love it.

  2. 2 Print your logo

    With SelfPackaging you can create - in a quick and easy way, a packaging line according to your corporate identity. In addition to choosing the colour, label or accessory, we offer you the possibility to print your logo on our boxes *, always under the supervision and guidance of our design team. Remember that an attractive and quality packaging is the best tool to promote your brand and enhance your products. Differentiate yourself from the competition! * The minimum order for this service is 500 units.

  3. 3 Tailored boxes

    In case you did not find a box that meets your needs, do not worry, we will design one for you! We can tailor any of our catalog boxes to the measures you specify or even create a design from scratch, at no additional cost. Contact us and ask for a personalized quote *. * The minimum order for this service is 500 units. The die price is not included..

  4. 4 Packaging Personal Shopper

    Our main goal is you to get a unique and spectacular packaging. That is why, building on over a 25-year experience in the packaging sector, we study and approach every project in a unique and particular way in order to achieve the best possible outcome. You will count on someone from our team to accompany you throughout the creation and development process who will help you create your idea and even optimize it. Please contact us and ask us for advice. We are available to guide you and help you in anything you need.

  5. 5 Preassembly Service

    The preassembly service is a service you can additionally hire to help anytime you need it. With this service you will receive your flat but already glued boxes. This way, all you have to do when you get your boxes is marking the pleat, turn it into a three-dimensional object ... and ready!

  6. 6 Wholesale

    Our rates are defined based on a price scale: the higher the required amount of a given product, the lower the price per unit. Furthermore, you can see your discount in real time, depending on the number of units ordered. This way we adapt to the needs of each user and we welcome any type of customer.

  7. 7 Download our brochure

    Download here our catalog in pdf format, so you can consult it anytime and anywhere without the need of being connected to the Internet.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Write us to help@selfpackaging.com or, if you prefer,
call us at (+44) We will be pleased to assist you!!