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Glass containers

Customise your glass packaging

In this Glass containers section you will find a selection of glass containers, so you can customize them with a label and introduce them in a pretty cardboard box which you can also customize with a label. You can create customized glass containers and use them as a unique and original gift. Add a special touch to your glass containers! In them you can put: perfumes, homemade creams, oils, salts and many other products.

We show you a choice of ideas to go with our glass containers. You can choose from many different glass jars and customize them with a label or add a cardboard box with a customizable label. The possible uses are endless! You can use glass containers to keep handmade creams, body oils, perfumes, water, salts, etc. Ideal as a gift or to surprise your customers! 


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    Perfect for all kinds of...
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    500 ml bottle with a...
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    The perfect lotion and...
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  • E-TC3
    Made of clear glass, for...
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    Amber-coloured glass pot...
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    250ml clear glass pot
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  • E-TA12
    Crystal jar with straw. 
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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Glass containers

At SelfPackaging we offer a wide selection of glass jars and other glass containers, which you can use as gifts or to surprise your clients with creams, perfumes, juice, etc. The glass containers are useful for many things and, as we all know how important packaging is to surprise the client, you'll have the chance to customize the glass containers with a label or by adding a cardboard box, which you can also customize with a label. Deliver your products in a different and original way, with our glass containers.

Deliver your greatest handmade products in a packaging to fit the quality of your product! We all know packaging is the art of presenting the product of your choice for whoever you decide and surprise him or her from the very first sight. Because a good idea must go with an attractive design and with these glass containers and our cardboard boxes, success is almost guaranteed!

At SelfPackaging you have access to a wide range of glass bottle and container models for all kinds of products:

  • Glass jars for jams and/or preserves
  • Glass jars for creams and body salts
  • Glass bottles for fruit juice
  • Glass bottles for water, beer and/or other drinks
  • Glass bottles for fragrances or body oils

And for many other products! As we know, the container is as important as the content. So these glass containers, together with our cardboard boxes, will help you present your products to clients or as gifts. You can also use them to promote your business by customizing the glass jars with your logo or corporate image.

Discover all our glass containers!