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  • We have the perfect box to sell assortments of macarons in different flavours. Its elongated shape will protect the macarons, and its transparent lid will allow you to see the assortment inside. Available in a variety of colours, it will surprise your customers!

  • If you're looking for a single box for your macarons, take a look at this one! Small, elegant and practical, it has it all. Ideal for use in pastry shops and other businesses where small items need to be stored.

  • A box for two macarons printed with a logo or image. If you want to achieve an elegant and unique effect for your sweets, personalize this box with labels or ribbons. It is perfect for two macarons and can be used at events such as weddings, birthdays, parties... Your guests will love it! If you have a pastry shop, this box for macarons will allow you to store these small desserts and protect them in a distinguished and very special way. Get this box for two macarons and make a difference.

  • An elongated box for macarons ideal for businesses such as patisseries and pastry shops. Choose the color of the base that you like the most and add a sticker with your brand to give your packaging a more elegant touch. If you want to give away or store your macarons in the best way, with this elongated box you will get protection as well as distinction. You can also use it for events where you need to serve several macarons in a special box.

  • This box for a macaron is perfect for giving away your sweets individually. Thanks to its transparent design with a cardboard band, it is resistant and very elegant. You can use them both for pastries and for events, it is an ideal detail for your attendees! Personalize your individual macaron box for a more professional and unique result, with a print or by adding labels, ribbons or even stickers.

  • If you are looking for the perfect way to give sweets, this square box for macarons is perfect for the occasion. Thanks to its design with a transparent lid, you can display your macarons in the most elegant way possible. To give it a personalized touch, add a label or sticker printed with your brand and you will make your packaging look much more professional. It is ideal for pastry shops or even to give away at events such as weddings or baptisms.

  • A perfect square box to give away macaroons and leave everyone with their mouths open. Giving sweets has always been a classic, but with this box you will give a more elegant touch to any detail with macarons. To make it much more original, you can add a printed label as a decoration with a logo or an image. A gift box of macarons is a detail that everyone will love!

  • An elongated box for macarons with a very elegant lid and perfect for these sweets. Place up to 5 macarons for a unique presentation! Thanks to its opening, you can use this box for events, parties or even your baking business. Personalize it to give it a more sophisticated and original touch, this box for macarons is perfect for giving your favorite desserts in the best way.

  • This box with a lid for macarons is the perfect detail for any bakery that wants to go up a level and have elegant packaging. Thanks to its design with a separate lid and bucket, the sweets stand out and look much more luxurious. An ideal box for both confectionery businesses and details for special events such as weddings, parties, or even anniversaries. Add a custom printed tag and make your gift look that much more unique.

  • This window box for macarons is perfect for storing your sweets. Thanks to its bag shape, it is ideal for parties or pastry shops that want to give it an original touch. Use this window box to wrap your macarons in a practical and convenient way, and give these small desserts as a gift. You can add a label or ribbon to make it much more decorated and special.

  • Do you want to surprise your guests with an artisan sweet? We present you our cinnamon roll box, a sweet that everyone likes. The design of the square box allows you to put inside all kinds of handmade creations from cookies, cupcakes, etc.. Choose the color and customize it with your logo, photo or phrase and enjoy giving to your guests.

  • Original wedding favours? Surprise your wedding guests using our original gift boxes.

  • Single macaron boxes, ideal as party favour boxes. Let your children decorate them!

  • Box for macarons with clear lid, decorated with an exclusive Self Packaging printed gift ribbon.

  • Small cardboard box with lid, ideal for a single macaron. Ask here if you want to purchase it in two colours, as the one you can see in the picture.

  • Little box for macarons with clear lid. Ask here if you want to print on your boxes for orders over 500 units.

  • Elongated and flat box for macarons; it is very easy to decorate. With its transparent lid, the nice macarons will look more attractive.

  • Macaron favour boxes, they are ideal as wedding favour boxes.

  • Macaron packaging: Elongated box for macarons, with clear lid. It is ideal as a wedding gift. Click here to buy this box.

  • Single macaron boxes. An original wedding favour for your wedding guests.

  • Little black box for macarons and cookies. No glue required for its assembly, so its ideal for weddings and events where you need to assemble thousands of gift boxes.

  • Square box for macarons, with transparent lid. Ask here if you want to print on them for orders over 500 units.

  • Elongated box for macarons with transparent lid. It is very easy to decorate with our exclusive Self Packaging decorative ribbons.

  • Cookie boxes with clear lid. Also ideal for macarons. Perfect as wedding favours.

  • Rectangular macaron boxes with clear lid. Your macarons will look amazing in the boxes.

  • Single macaron boxes, easy assembly. Ideal as wedding favour boxes. Elegant macaron boxes.

  • Small macaron box with lid, perfect as wedding favour boxes.

  • Small box for cookies or macarons with transparent lid. It is very easy to assemble.

  • Box with transparent lid for cookies. It is very original and easy to decorate and assemble.

  • Original box for macarons and cookies. Ask here if you want personalised boxes for orders over 300 units.

  • Rectangular box for macarons with transparent lid. You can decorate it with our exclusive printed ribbons and you will get an amazing result.

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  • Sweet delights for your guests!

    No one can resist a sweet, and if we present it like this, it becomes even harder to resist. Box for macaroons for weddings. Yellow, with a decorative ribbon with hearts, a grey label and a round customised sticker.

    You can add the name of the person, the date of your wedding or any other pretty message.

    An idea you can eat right up!

  • Elongated gift box for chocolates, ideal for giving hotel guests. Put your logo on the adhesive self-print label and offer your customers a very special present.

    The sweetest gift!

  • Every popular holiday has its corresponding candy, a way to celebrate and enjoy the holidays in a different way. With our box with transparent lid the customer will be able to see the product inside. A good presentation can make your candy look more attractive and tasty.