How does it work?

SelfPackaging, as its name suggests, means that you can “CHOOSE AND ASSEMBLE YOUR OWN PACKAGE” , in a very quick and simple way.

  1. Everything's simple

    The procedures to choose, personalise and order your own packs are all easy and straightforward.

  2. Choose the pack that suits your product

    A. Read the description of the pack. B. Note the dimensions C. Think of the contents of your pack Following these three basic tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the box that suits your item like a glove.

  3. Personalise it

    You can create an exclusive pack by adding all sorts of options, combining various materials and designing your own labels.

  4. Tell us how many you need

    Quantity is no obstacle at SelfPackaging: we’ll supply you with as many boxes as you need.

  5. Quick and easy to assemble

    Assembling these packs is very quick and easy. Furthermore, you’ll have a video explaining step by step how to assemble the box you choose.

  6. We'll give you the most useful assembly tips

    We know you’ve probably never thought of assembling packaging before, so as well as the video, we’ve written up a series of tips that vary according to the model. You’ll find them on the product page for each item: make the most of them.

  7. Best value

    We offer quality at the best price. Never before have you been able to get such personalised gift boxes with no minimum order quantity and at reasonable price too.

  8. You'll control the budget

    You’ll draw up and control the budget, according to your choices. After deciding on the model of gift box, choose from various parameters such as quantity, size, optional features and degree of personalisation -among others- giving you a more controlled limit to your budget.

  9. You'll receive them in a few days

    We’ll send the material to the postal address you state within seven working days of receiving payment.

  10. Guaranteed quality

    All SelfPackaging packs are guaranteed by the quality and experience of Tribu3, leader of the creative packaging sector in Spain.

SelfPackaging. So easy, so convenient, so quick.

Choose yours!