Fillings and packaging accessories

Find the best selection of packaging fillers and accessories in the market. If you have an ecommerce, enhance the value of your product and multiply the customer experience with these ecommerce accessories such as fillers and packaging that will make your customer enjoy the unboxing of your product so much that they'll share it everywhere.

You will find essential accessories for shipments such as paper tape or eco-friendly kraft adhesive tape, environmentally friendly and super resistant, paper shreds, or a thank-you card. Add these essentials to your box purchase and take your shipments to the next level!

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  • E-RE01
    4,12 € 4.12

    Paper shavings for fillings cut in very fine strips to make it really attractive. This premium 100% recycled paper will match your boxes perfectly! Available in both black and Kraft colours. Sold in bags of 250 gr. This filling takes up over three times its size, so it really goes a long way! Make sure your products arrive in perfect conditions and look elegant with these 100% recycled paper shavings.

  • E-WT85
    3,31 € 3.31

    Kraft adhesive tape, ideal for sealing your packages. Perfect for continuing to take care of the aesthetics of your shipments, free of plastic and without losing strength. Resistant against water and dust, your package will reach its destination intact.50 meters long x 5 cm wide

  • E-EI01_20
    4,55 € 4.55

    This transparent label with the words "Thank you" printed in white, adds a unique touch to your packaging as well as making your deliveries more secure. Placing this simple label over the seal of the delivery box provides an extra element of security and demonstrates your attention to detail. Includes 20 units

  • I-EI56_20
    4,55 € 4.55

    Add a personal touch to your deliveries with this brilliant A6 "thank you" card. Place it in the delivery box before posting so your customers find it when they open their delivery. Thank them for choosing your business and show them how in-touch your brand is. Includes 20 units

  • E-SC1
    1,49 € 1.49

    Wrapping tissue sheets. Kit of 10 sheets. Sheet size: 50x75cm. Available in different colours.

  • E-SC25_10
    0,99 € 0.99

    Kraft-coloured Manila paper, for your crafts or to place inside your boxes. Protect your gifts in a natural and eco-friendly way. Manila paper is versatile and easy to handle, ideal for shops or gifts. Perfect to wrap products or to fill eggs or separate gifts. Use for your gifts, clothes, etc. Includes 10 sheets of Kraft-coloured Manila paper. Measurements: 50x75cm

  • E-RE04
    1,16 € 1.16

    Want to protect your most delicate products? Introducing our honeycomb packaging sleeve, perfect for protecting wine bottles, glass jars and any other delicate product that needs extra protection.

  • E-AD5_50
    2,47 € 2.47

    This transparent sticker will ensure your envelopes and postal deliveries remain securely closed during transit. The adhesive stickers, sold in packs of 50 so you need never run out, demonstrate your willingness to take care of both your products and your customers.

  • E-PR8
    4,09 € 4.09

    This roll of cellophane is a great extra when wrapping your products and packages. Give your shipments a more serious look and stop them from moving around during transportation

  • E-CD28
    6,53 € 6.53

    Black grosgrain ribbon. Your ideal Christmas gift ribbon! 10mmx10m. (0.6inx32.8ft.)

  • tags
    0,35 € 0.35

    Create your own customized labels at SelfPackaging! Choose the label shape you like best, choose the colour and size and upload an image or write something using the colour and font you prefer and, ready! Customize your labels to decorate your business packaging, labels for wedding favours, for christenings or first communions, labels for your next event or to label presents for all kinds of occasions. Lots of possibilities!

  • stickers
    0,12 € 0.12

    Did you know that in SelfPackaging you can create your own personalised stickers? Choose the shape and size of the sticker that catches your eye, upload a beautiful image or write a text in your chosen colour and font, as well as adding a background colour. You can create personalised stickers to decorate packaging for your business, design stickers for wedding favours and events, personalise birthday presents and much, much more!

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Fillings and packaging accessories

Fillings and packaging accessories

We explain everything you need to know about shipping accessories, fillers, and packaging for boxes. If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, feel free to contact us. If you need customized accessories or custom-made boxes, just give us a call or fill out this form.


Can I purchase a single accessory for a box?

Of course! We have two types of packaging accessories: those that you purchase along with the boxes, such as personalized stickers, tapes necessary for the proper functioning of the box, or a holder for cupcakes. For these, you need to purchase as many accessories as the number of boxes you are acquiring.

On the other hand, you have accessories that you can find both in this section and by accessing the accessories menu, where you'll find a wide variety of shipping accessories for boxes, such as paper shavings, paper tape, or tissue paper. These can be purchased starting from a single unit.

When will I receive my box accessories?

Just like the boxes, the delivery time will depend on the destination of the package, but typically it takes between 3 and 7 business days. If you're in a hurry, you can choose express shipping.

What is the best way to securely and efficiently seal a shipping box?

Our shipping boxes are self-assembling and close with flaps, but we always recommend using adhesive tape to ensure not only that they don't open by accident but also to make it clear to the customer that the box hasn't been tampered with since it left the warehouse. We highly recommend our paper tape, which adheres well to the box and is much more environmentally friendly than traditional tape.

What is the difference between manila paper and other types of paper used in packaging?

Manila paper is a recyclable and biodegradable paper with a low weight of 24g, made from 100% recycled pulp. Due to its manufacturing process, it is a very economical paper and is used as packaging filler or for bakery or haberdashery, for example.

The increase in environmental awareness has made this paper a trend and is even replacing tissue paper in many cases.

What advantages does grosgrain ribbon offer compared to other types of packaging ribbons?

Grosgrain ribbon is not a packaging ribbon itself, but rather a decorative ribbon. However, being a strong and durable ribbon with tight knots, it is perfect for packaging with a lot of style.

What are the most common applications of honeycomb cardboard panels in packaging?

Honeycomb cardboard panels are widely used in industrial pallet transportation due to their ability to evenly distribute the load, provide structural strength, cushion impacts, protect against moisture, and facilitate handling. These characteristics ensure the protection and stability of products during handling and transportation, optimizing the efficiency of the logistics process.

Are your box accessories environmentally friendly?

As most of our box accessories are made of paper or cardboard, they are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. Some accessories, such as grosgrain ribbon, may not be eco-friendly, but feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You can do so here.