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  • 1,27 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • This cardboard box is ideal for gifting precious polaroid photos. Easy to assemble - no glue needed. Photo size determines the box size needed.

  • Box for photos in light blue, perfect as a presentation box for photos 20x15cm (8x6in)

  • Original cardboard envelope, it is perfect to hand out a CD. Ask here if you want to print on it from 500 units.

  • Card presentation folder (A4), perfect for photographers to hand over the photos to clients.

  • Box for photos. Easy assembly. The brown kraft matches with any washi tape design!

  • Box for 13x18cm (5x7") photos. Perfect for giving guests memorable photos from weddings, baptisms or first communion parties or other events.

  • Cinzia Bruschini (Italy) chose this envelope in brown kraft to hand out gift vouchers of her beautiful photo sessions. Simple and nice!

  • A box for gift vouchers. It has been decorated (with love) by Boudoir Fotografia. A memory as a present is always a great idea.

  • Gift boxes for cards and discount vouchers at Christmas. Pao Palacios chose this lovely little box in brown kraft. An adorable result after decoration.

  • Card presentation folder A5, perfect to hand over photos and CDs.

  • The rustic style of this invitation box is gorgeous. Decorated by Mr. Wonderful. An invitation box decorated with thread, lace and beautiful kraft coloured cards.

    Nobody will decline the invitation!

  • Original envelope for CD with inner tabs to hold it. Ask here if you want to print over 300 units.

  • Grey box for 10x15 photos (4x6in.)

  • Printed box for photos. for an estimate if you want to print on your boxes. Option available if the order is over 500 boxes.

  • The reindeer-shaped felt that decorates this little box gives a very Christmas touch to this package. It can be used to give scarves, a CD or any other flat object with no much thickness. Use a nice decorative ribbon to close the package.

  • Box for 10x15cm (4x6") photos. Perfect for giving guests memorable photos from weddings, baptisms or first communion parties or other events.

  • Box for a CD. It is ideal to hand out your wedding photos. Ask here if you want to print on them over 300 units.

  • An original way to invite your guests to your own Halloween party. This flat and square box gives you thousands of ideas for customisation. Choose your colour and decorate it with a terrifying label!

  • With this little box you can give a scarf as an original present. It has been decorated with a label and a heart-shaped felt to show this special person how much you love them.

  • The ideal gift box for party invitations. Christmas motifs and a decorative ribbon for the perfect Christmas decoration.

  • This flat box in white is very useful to give CDs, scarves or any other object with little thickness as a present. If you want to get a Christmas look like this one, decorate it with personalised labels, star-shaped felts or any other Christmas detail.

  • Handmade wedding invitations made by Eventos Ilustrados. Country-chic style, this is a good match!

  • Original box for photos. Match black and white photos with red and you’ll get an amazing result.

  • Handcrafted wedding invitation with our cardboard envelope. With patterned papers you’ll get a professional and nice final result.

  • This cardboard envelope with a closing in the shape of a flower is perfect to send your handmade Christmas greetings cards in. Ask here if you want print orders over 300 units.

  • Box decorated with scrapbooking for wedding invitations. This technique can be used on most of our little boxes… You’ll get amazing results.

  • Cardboard envelope. Its closing is shaped in a floral strucuture. Ask here if you want to print on your cardboard envelopes for orders over 300 units.

  • A nice way to send your party invitations to guests or give CDs as presents. Decorated with a heart-shaped felt. Add more detail to it for a prettier and charming look; accessories such as feathers and lace edging work well.

  • Surprise someone with an invitation or gift presented in this little box. You can put CDs, travel tickets or even just a card in there to treat whoever you wish. Decorated by Lolarte Studio. 

  • This simple little box in kraft colour can be used to send wedding invitations. You can include any flat object in it to go with this package you send to the guests.

  • Such a lovely idea! This little box in a metallic quartz colour only needs two decorations to present a unique and impressive invitation. Decorated by Mr. Wondeful. Simply add a ribbon with hearts and a round piece of card and it will be personalised in no time.

    A beautiful invitation for baptisms and communions. 

  • This creative decoration with lace edging brings tenderness to this gift box, you can use it to send invitations for weddings, baptisms or other elegant parties.

  • Beautiful gift box especially when gifting a CD. You can also use as an event / birthday party invitation. You can personalise it with vichy ribbon, satin ribbon or with one of our cardboard butterflies, as seen in the picture

  • Use your imagination and get the coolest folder for carrying documents or scrapbook papers. Carefully making little holes with a needle, you could use coloured thread to make a pretty decoration. You can decorate it as you wish. It'll look fabulous!

  • You are in the right place to print your company logo or favourite design on your card envelopes. And… There’s no minimum order quantity!

  • Polaroids shall make a beautiful gift in this pretty box, with really romantic decoration. Specially designed to hold Polaroid-sized photos.

    Decorate it with a pretty red ribbon and some white feathers to add that special touch and conquer his or her heart with this cute gift.

  • This box for your photos is decorated with an original Star wars style label. Ideal to surprise the lovers of this saga with a gift.

    Decorate the box with a piece of washi tape and add a hemp string to attach the label. A super original box!

  • To infinity and beyond! This cute decoration makes this gift box into something very special. The galactic themed label adds a special touch, perfect for space lovers.

    Surprise them with a little gift in this box!

  • Presentation box for polaroid photos in brown kraft. This travel-themed tag is the perfect gift decoration.

  • Custom presentation box for photos. Size S can be printed directly from our website, low minimum order quantities! Take a look at it!

  • An unforgettable memory! A fun gift box for photos printed with baby motifs and the brand logo. A beautiful way to deliver photos to your customers. You can customize it and add any of our accessories.

    Surprise them!

  • Christmas sounds so good! Give someone a Christmas CD with pictures or music and wrap it up in this envelope. A gift that lasts a lifetime. An envelope decorated with Christmas prints, twine, labels and red felts.

    What a nice idea!

  • Immortalize your best Christmas! Gift pretty photos in this box for photos with Christmas print. You can personalize it with any message and decorate it with labels and string.

    Surprise everyone at Christmas and give a unique touch to your presents!

  • 1,53 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 2,06 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Do you want to give an invitation? Send postcards? Give a voucher? If your gift is flat or thin like paper, this box is perfect for you. A box for cards or gift vouchers, so you can surprise whoever you want to this Christmas. White and decorated with ribbons, pompoms, balls and tags in ochre tones.  

    It looks so smart!

  • What a pretty box!

    A wedding invitation? A gift certificate? Photographs? Whatever the reason, it's a deserving occasion. The box with a heart and feathers gives off love through every corner. What a cool box!

    White and decorated with white feathers and a red felt heart, it will be a perfect box to show your love.

    Decorate it now and conquer everyone!

  • Boxes with love messages “You are unique” to show how much you love that very special person. A box in the shape of an envelope, perfect for photos, invitations…

    A small grey box, decorated with pink dotted washi tape and a black satin ribbon. It also includes a white tag with a love message. 

  • Be the most original and surprise your guests! With this envelope for original invitations for weddings, success is for granted! In the colour you prefer, you can customise your square invitation and add an different touch with a little peg or a string.

    Idea for a blue envelope for a blue invitation with hearts and a wooden peg.

    Long live love and weddings!