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  • This original cookie box is decorated with Star Wars style labels with galactic sentences. Surprise a fan of the saga with this sweet gift, or simply offer your clients this original packaging.

    This decorated cookie box will surprise everyone!

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  • Gift box in the shape of a picnic box. 

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  • Are you having a party? Make it the coolest party with this cone decorated box! A perfect box to keep all types of sweets or to give as a present at baptisms or communions.

    The kids will love it! Decorate it with washi tapes, labels, strings, etc.

  • Tired of typical Christmas hampers? Be the most original! Ideal for companies and individuals, this cardboard tray turns into the coolest Christmas hamper.

    Add the products that you want and decorate this tray with felt, labels, ribbons and many other Christmas decorations.

    There won’t have been a cooler hamper!

    Products from: DeliShop

  • Are you looking for a different Christmas hamper to surprise your clients? We make it easy for you! Add the products that you want to your box and decorate it with Christmas decorations, a satin ribbon with bow, tags and jingle bells.

    The coolest touch to achieve a great basket!

    Everyone will want this hamper!

  • What a cool hamper! This original, different, and above all unique Christmas basket. Add the products that you want to this Christmas tray and decorate it with our accessories to give it the most Christmas touch.


    Make a bow with a decorative ribbon, add little felt stars, dry plants, a pretty tag and...ready!

  • A littler original and different box for your mos Christmassy presents. We have it! With this cone box in white and red, you will be spot on. You can decorate it with stripes or small confetti, or with the pictures that you like most.

    You can also decorate with labels, thin twine, bells and a small plant. What a cool combination!

    Ideal for sweets, jewellery or little trinkets.

  • Fir trees for Christmas! A pretty little assembled box printed with fir trees and fully decorated.

    Give a unique touch to your Christmas presents and surprise someone you want. A box printed with fir trees for Christmas and decorated with string, labels with messages, felt and much more.

    Be different this Christmas and triumph!

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    for 20 kits
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    for 20 kits
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    for 20 kits
  • A super hero box!

    Do you like Spiderman? Get your favourite super hero by customizing the carton-shaped box. An original way to surprise film lovers or kids.

    Perfect to decorate any spot in the house or for a very original present!

  • Batman gift box to surprise everyone!

    Useful as a gift box or a decorative figure, for any spot in your home.

    Who can resist this Batman? Customize it with our carton-shaped box. You'll leave everyone in awe!


  • Who can resist a sweet?

    Surprise whoever you want with this flat box and show them you love them more than you love a sweet. A box for sweets, Kraft coloured and with a see-through lid. Decorate it with stripped washi tape, a hemp string and fun labels.


  • A really cute box! Surprise the little ones with this square box in the shape of a bunny, with little ears, a face and a heart shaped nose. Perfect to decorate your little one's next party or to put sweets inside.

    Everyone will love this square box in the shape of a bunny!

  • Easter? A birthday party? Everyone will love the Cake box with the face of a bunny, with white and orange ears. A perfect box to decorate or introduce a small cake or any kind of sweet.

    Ideas for Easter or a children's party!

  • All sweetness! Ideal for Easter or christenings, this box for sweets will conquer adults and little ones alike. With a yellow lid and a Kraft base, decorated with a bunny label, a pompom tail and a ribbon. Also decorated with yellow striped washi tape. How cute!

  • Love, lots of love.

    With this cake box for parties. Surprise whoever you wish with this striking orange box in the shape of a cake box. You can place whatever you want inside to surprise that special someone. Add some leaves and a label with a message.

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    for 20 kits
  • Happy birthday! Surprise the little one with our turquoise blue box for sweets decorated with yellow washi tape and a printed label with a message, a rocket and the age of the child.

    No one will be able to resist this box for sweets!

    Choose the number of boxes. The amount of accessories will correspond to what you need to decorate them.



  • Display your cookies in this beautiful little cookie box. A grey box with a see-through lid, the perfect way to show off a cookie gift. Decorated with washi tape with bright pink dots and a grey satin ribbon. 

    The perfect pair to your cookie gift!

  • Cover your products in pink. Beautiful packaging for little cosmetic items!

    Light pink box with a fuchsia slip, the perfect combination. Decorated with a hanging white label, customised with the brand and a hemp string. 

    Add a little sprig from a flower or plant so it looks even more natural. 

  • Your mouth will water with this gift!

    Beautiful box in the shape of a burger box to surprise everyone with any kind of gift. With geometrical decoration created with the lines of black and fluorescent pink washi tape. We have also added a decorative satin ribbon and a label with the brand logo. 

    Everyone will love this box!

  • Take care of your clients and they will thank you!

    Do you have an event coming up? Do you want to surprise everyone with a very original little gift? Stand out with this box for brand gifts, white and decorated with a dark grey satin ribbon and fluorescent pink washi tape.

    Everyone will love it!

  • This box gives off so much love!

    With a pink slip and Kraft-coloured inside, you'll conquer everyone. Decorated box with dotted washi tape, a hemp string and a pretty customised label with the message "With love"

    A clear declaration of love.

  • Save  the date!

    With this box to give at weddings, your guests will remember that day forever. Perfect for sweets or little gifts. With a Kraft-coloured lid and a pink base. Decorated with a fine hemp string, dotted washi tape and two flag-shaped labels.

    You can print and customise them with the message of your choice.

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    for 20 kits
  • Celebrate Chinese New Year!

    Printed box of Chinese noodles with Oriental motifs that are ideal for themed parties that will delight partygoers, big and small.

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year!

    Kraft box decorated with Oriental motifs and a ribbon that is perfect for packaging original gifts or for themed parties.

  • Got a fantastic gift to give and you need the packaging to match? It's easy with our simple decorative ideas. All you need are some tape or ribbon and tags to give your gift an elegant touch. They'll love it!

  • 3,89 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Go for elegance on your wedding day! This small box with flower-shaped closure is ideal for all kinds of small wedding favours. Chocolates, salt jars, bracelets... Personalise it with the names of the bride and groom, and make sure your guests always keep the box as a souvenir.

  • Surprise your guests with a green detail on your wedding day! Give this cardboard flower pot as a gift, play with the colours to create different options and finish decorating it with personalised labels. An economical and beautiful option to give as a gift at any event.

  • Celebrate love on your wedding day by giving this box ideal for two macarons. Nobody is bitter for a sweet, that's why this type of gift is becoming a winning option for important events. This elegant little box will be the perfect accompaniment for handmade macarons made especially for the event. Finish it off with the personalised sticker and seal your box.

  • Discover the cute children's box on our website! Our rabbit-shaped box will delight young and old alike, ideal for any event or for small gifts - discover all the colours available!

  • Nobody likes a sweet tooth, right? Today we bring you the perfect take away picnic box to give as a gift with some candy inside. Surprise your loved ones or friends with this super sweet gift. Put your sweet treats inside and finish it off with this great packaging.

  • Add a sustainable touch to your hamburger packaging and enjoy wherever you want. With this take away hamburger box you can enjoy your hamburger wherever and whenever you want. Perfect for use in bars, restaurants or take away services. Add a personal touch with a logo or phrase representative of your business.

  • Enjoy like a child with our animal-shaped boxes! Children and adults alike will fall under the charm of these little boxes in the shape of a rabbit, mouse and elephant. Available in different colors, they will add a personal touch to any children's event.

  • Enjoy like a child with our animal-shaped boxes! Children and adults alike will fall under the charm of these little boxes in the shape of a rabbit, mouse and elephant. Available in different colors, they will add a personal touch to any children's event.

  • Our Mommy Louise Milano Christmas edition picnic box is perfect for all of your upcoming holiday events. The box in a vibrant red color will add color to all your parties and events this Christmas. Copy this idea, choose our picnic box on the web in a Christmas color, print a personalized label and succeed this Christmas.

  • Let's shine! The fashion accessories brand ByCris has trusted us to create their gift bag, a simple but attractive design to conquer their customers with a careful packaging. Choose our bag and add personalization with a sticker personalized with your brand, logo, etc. 

  • Celebrate in style with our party box slider with frame! Transform your events into unforgettable moments with this fun and versatile addition to your celebration. Our framed slider box offers a unique and creative way to capture the best moments with friends and family.

  • The colourful exterior of the box not only captures attention, but also reflects the personality and enthusiasm of the gift recipient. Whether for birthdays, celebrations, parties or any other special occasion, this colourful gift box is the perfect addition to enhance the presentation of your gifts.