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  • This card envelope has a flower-shaped closure, ideal for wedding invitations.

  • The reindeer-shaped felt that decorates this little box gives a very Christmas touch to this package. It can be used to give scarves, a CD or any other flat object with no much thickness. Use a nice decorative ribbon to close the package.

  • Box for 10x15cm (4x6") photos. Perfect for giving guests memorable photos from weddings, baptisms or first communion parties or other events.

  • This beautiful box makes special any present. It can be used as a gift box for scarves, clothes or accessories. Decorate it with a nice floral ribbon on it… Ready to go!

  • Original kraft gift bag for wedding invitations. You can find the stamp in any specialised stationery shop and the ribbon in any haberdashery. This box has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • You can not go wrong with this adorable gift box. Ask here if you want to purchase it in turquoise.

  • The rustic style of this invitation box is gorgeous. Decorated by Mr. Wonderful. An invitation box decorated with thread, lace and beautiful kraft coloured cards.

    Nobody will decline the invitation!

  • A nice way to send your party invitations to guests or give CDs as presents. Decorated with a heart-shaped felt. Add more detail to it for a prettier and charming look; accessories such as feathers and lace edging work well.

  • Square cardboard box, perfect to contain original christening gifts. For its shape, it is easy to decorate.

  • Designing wedding invitations is a job for MissMrs. Take inspiration from this wedding invitation in brown kraft.

  • Square box, perfect for wedding invitations. Your guests will be delighted with them!

  • Gift boxes for cards and discount vouchers at Christmas. Pao Palacios chose this lovely little box in brown kraft. An adorable result after decoration.

  • What could be more unique than this invitation? Surprise your guests with a little box like this. Decorated with pompons in clear colours, washi tape and twine. An adorable little box!

    Decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Rectangular gift box with printed lid. Contact us if you would like more than 300 cardboard boxes to be printed; we can print orders above that amount.

    You can personalise it as you wish with thread, ribbons and gift tags. 

  • Handmade wedding invitations by Gota Creativa. They got a nice and easy result… Simple is beautiful!

  • Pyramidal cardboard gift box, perfect for small objects. In our Accessories section you’ll find the ideal elements to decorate it.

  • Box for a handmade Christmas invitation, it has been decorated and designed by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Transparent PVC box, perfect for christening favours and invitations. With our accessories you can decorate it… it will be the ideal little box!

  • The ideal gift box for party invitations. Christmas motifs and a decorative ribbon for the perfect Christmas decoration.

  • Original and charming wedding invitation by Gota Crativa. Shall we dance?

  • Handmade wedding invitations made by Eventos Ilustrados. Country-chic style, this is a good match!

  • Do you want to give your present in the sweetest box? This flat box is ideal for giving decorated biscuits, cookies or chocolates. Tie it up with a bow and it will look amazing.

    Easy to put together and decorate. An irresistable idea!

  • Gift bag with ribbon tied as a bow for wedding invitations. Print the wedding information on the box matching with the colour of the ribbon and the result will be amazing.

  • Handcrafted wedding invitation with our cardboard envelope. With patterned papers you’ll get a professional and nice final result.

  • Small square box with a ribbon for wedding favours. Add your wedding details to the label for a totally personalised package.

  • This gift box is ideal for baby showers. Baby boy or baby girl? If you don’t know it yet, yellow is always a good choice.

  • This creative decoration with lace edging brings tenderness to this gift box, you can use it to send invitations for weddings, baptisms or other elegant parties.

  • This adorable gift box is special for baptism parties or baby showers. Surprise your guests with this favour bag and put some sweets in it: candies, chocolates, etc.

  • This cardboard envelope with a closing in the shape of a flower is perfect to send your handmade Christmas greetings cards in. Ask here if you want print orders over 300 units.

  • Such a lovely idea! This little box in a metallic quartz colour only needs two decorations to present a unique and impressive invitation. Decorated by Mr. Wondeful. Simply add a ribbon with hearts and a round piece of card and it will be personalised in no time.

    A beautiful invitation for baptisms and communions. 

  • Little square cardboard box for small presents. It is perfect as a USB package / case.

  • Surprise someone with an invitation or gift presented in this little box. You can put CDs, travel tickets or even just a card in there to treat whoever you wish. Decorated by Lolarte Studio. 

  • This adorable triangular cardboard box has been decorated with our accessories for decoration. Perfect for small presents and little surprises.

  • Original and square box for small cookies. Ask if you want this box in grey as you can see in the photo. 

  • Cardboard envelope for handmade invitations, in this case a christening invitation. With our Accessories and a little imagination you’ll get a professional result.

  • Cardboard bag for christening favours. Very easy to decorate, and in this case its designer has been Mr. Wonderful.

  • Semi-transparent box with cardboard sleeve. Let us know if you would like us to print more than 300 boxes.

    As it is semitransparent, you can faintly see the contents inside the box. Such a great idea!

  • An ideal little box for presents to give to wedding guests. This specific decoration came from Olivia Soaps, and the little boxes used to contain natural lip balms.

    A cute little treat for guests at any event!

  • Looking for a unique little box to surprise guests? Let us introduce you to this flat elongated box for chocolates, sweets and truffles. Simply put the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date on the adhesive self-print label and it will be an ideal gift for guests. 

  • Beautiful gift box especially when gifting a CD. You can also use as an event / birthday party invitation. You can personalise it with vichy ribbon, satin ribbon or with one of our cardboard butterflies, as seen in the picture

  • Looking for a little box for your wedding invitations? Try this little elongated box for wedding invitations. Simply roll up your invitation like a scroll and decorate it to give it a handmade, arts and craft touch.  

  • Gift box decorated for christening invitations. For its size, its ideal for candy or sugar-coated almonds, and with the duck-shaped felt pendant it is perfect for children.

  • Box with compartments, it has been decorated with felt numbers. It is perfect for birthdays. 

  • This simple little box in kraft colour can be used to send wedding invitations. You can include any flat object in it to go with this package you send to the guests.

  • Little square cardboard box with a ribbon tight as a bow for chocolates. It is perfect for small gifts for clients or for wedding guests.

  • Cardboard gift bag for wedding favours. Decorated by Olivia Soaps.

  • Little transparent box for first communion invitations. Let children paint and draw on it and fill it with flashy candies. They will love it!

  • Transparent box for chocolates, it has been decorated with felt numbers. It is ideal for birthday parties if you decorate it with the age of the host.

  • Small cardboard bag for wedding favours. Put the wedding information on the adhesive and self-printable label and you’ll get a perfect gift for your guests.

  • Small cardboard box for wedding favours. Put the couple’s name and the wedding date on the adhesive and self-printable label and it will be a perfect gift.

  • Square cardboard box for wedding favours. Ask here if you want to choose this colour for your box or other colours listed on our website.

  • Clear PVC box, perfect for wedding favours. Try to match the detail colour with the cardboard box one and you’ll get an awesome result.

  • Little box for wedding favours, in this case some chocolate truffles. With the couple’s names and the wedding date it will be a perfect gift.

  • Little clear box for christening favours or invitations. The ribbon with hearts is not available on the SelfPackaging website, but it is very easy to decorate it. It has been decorated by Mr. Wonderful.

  • Pink gift box made of transparent PVC for wedding favours or invitations. Ask here if you want this colour for your gift box or other colours listed on our website.

  • Little triangular gift box perfect for children’s parties and baby showers. With the Eplak material, you can combine the outer decoration with the contained object, taking advantage of the semi-transparent material.

  • Increase gift value with this modern designed triangular box. Perfect for small gifts. Easy to assemble.

  • Little pyramidal box ideal for small gifts. Clicking on this link you’ll be able to download for free the spotted pattern.

  • Blue box with transparent pieces, perfect gift box for a baptism present. Ask here if you want to buy this gift box in this colour or others listed on our website.

  • Put some sweets in the transparent part of this fuchsia box for an adorable gift.

    Ask here if you want to get this box in this colour or other colours listed on our website.