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  • Christmas is red! Surprise who you want with this little box for little gifts with red polka dot. A pretty little box, with which you can gift jewellery, accessories or sweets.

    An irresistible idea!

    Decorate it with black striped washi tape, white felt and Christmas stickers.

  • A littler original and different box for your mos Christmassy presents. We have it! With this cone box in white and red, you will be spot on. You can decorate it with stripes or small confetti, or with the pictures that you like most.

    You can also decorate with labels, thin twine, bells and a small plant. What a cool combination!

    Ideal for sweets, jewellery or little trinkets.

  • Fir trees for Christmas! A pretty little assembled box printed with fir trees and fully decorated.

    Give a unique touch to your Christmas presents and surprise someone you want. A box printed with fir trees for Christmas and decorated with string, labels with messages, felt and much more.

    Be different this Christmas and triumph!

  • Print your boxes and be the most original!

    A medium sized box printed with fir trees, to be different and original this Christmas. In kraft colour and with black fir trees, it’s very easy to decorate with different decorations.

    With labels with messages, sock stickers, baker’s twine ribbon and a bell.

    Enjoy decorating this Christmas!

  • Are you looking for a self-assembly Christmas box? Send beauty this Christmas with this kraft box with black fir trees. You will surprise everyone with the most original packaging.

    Print fir trees or any other personalized detail on your boxes. It’s the ideal box to send and easy to assemble.

    Decorated with Christmas stickers, ribbons and felt.

    It will be the most lovely!

  • Print your boxes and stand out this Christmas!

    Make and impression with this rectangular box with Christmas firs and surprise everyone with the packaging. Because of it’s large size, it’s ideal for gifting sweets, clothing and an endless number of things.

    Decorate it with Christmas stickers, labels, felt and ribbons

  • £ 1,10 /u
    for 20 kits
  • What a cool gift! Surprise anyone you like these holidays and be the most original with a cardboard Christmas carrycase.

    Decorated with a funny message of "Don't open until December 25th". Also decorated with gold washi tapes, a small branch of eucalyptus and star-shaped felts.

    Easy to carry because of its plastic handle and ideal for all kinds of gifts!

  • Don't know what to give as a gift? Looking for the most festive of boxes? This carrycase gift box is ideal for all kinds of little presents. Originally decorated with Christmas motifs. Add white pompons and stickers with messages to your carrycase box, and surprise everyone these holidays!

    You can put anything you like inside: clothes, costume jewellery, sweets or even create a super original set!

    Start now!

  • ♫ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose... ♫ Surprise everyone this Christmas with this Rudolph box. An original idea for decorating your gifts or home these holidays!

  • Give yourself the best gift idea this holiday season! How?

    Everyone will fall in love with this cool gift idea, a fun box with Christmas stockings.  Make fun socks with washi tape and hang them from your box with a thin cord, adding a felt star, or maybe a bell.

    What an original gift idea!

  • Do you like to surprise with your gifts? With this idea you will leave everyone more amazed than ever. Box decorated with cardboard glasses, for the most original gift.

    A pretty white picnic box, decorated with funny glasses made from black cardboard. Ideal for young and old and for all kinds of items.

    Decorated with string, felt stars and Christmas tags.

  • Gifts that will amaze everyone! Impress everyone with this accessory box with pompoms.  Really cute! A beautiful black mini-box, decorated with white pompoms and a beautiful Christmas sticker.  

    Add a sprig as an extra detail!

    Perfect for all kinds of fashion accessories, costume jewellery etc.  

  • Do you want to give an invitation? Send postcards? Give a voucher? If your gift is flat or thin like paper, this box is perfect for you. A box for cards or gift vouchers, so you can surprise whoever you want to this Christmas. White and decorated with ribbons, pompoms, balls and tags in ochre tones.  

    It looks so smart!

  • What a cool box! If you are looking for a box for small gifts, this is the one. A beautiful square Christmas box, decorated with a ball, gold washi tape and a Merry Christmas tag.

    Perfect to surprise someone this holiday season!

    You can also decorate it with many other accessories.

  • So cool! A box shaped like a car or van with a snowy Christmas tree. A superb box to decorate, and amaze everyone this Christmas! Easy to assemble and decorate to your taste with our complementary items.

    It will be ideal as a Christmas decoration or to impress whoever you want with all the little details. In kraft colour, which is perfect for the kids to colour in.

    What will you use it for?

  • Surprise everyone this Christmas with this beautiful packaging!

    This box with the printed words "Ho, Ho, Ho" will become the perfect little box for your gift vouchers, your invitations, photographs and other little details. A decorated box with a maroon satin ribbon, two labels with a Christmas message, a felt star and a bell.

    A top-notch Christmas!

  • For your little Christmas gifts!

    This Christmas your gifts will shine more than ever with this red pouch-shaped box, ideal for Christmas. For all kinds of little gifts, you can decorate it with stickers with Christmas messages, a burgundy-coloured satin ribbon and a gorgeous little bell.

    Christmas dresses up in red!

  • Send pretty this Christmas!

    With this shipping Box with printed reindeer your presents will require no further wrapping. You will be able to decorate the box with a ribbon with white tassels, a Christmas sticker for, the perfect packaging! Idea for shops, events and all kinds of presents.

    Give the most original gifts this Christmas!

  • Ho, Ho, Ho... Christmas is here!

    Be the most original this holiday and with this very Christmassy packaging. A Christmas box with a string, with the letters Ho, Ho, Ho. You can give a still more Christmas touch by adding a tag or sticker with a message.

    For little gifts!

  • Have great fun this Christmas with these boxes!

    Enjoy yourself wrapping presents with these Christmas decorated boxes. A Kraft-coloured base and a burgundy lid with white reindeer. What an original box! Add a beige ribbon with red backstitches and a bell.

    Your gifts this Christmas will be a success!

  • White Christmas box to give people top-notch gifts!

    Everyone will love the packaging with this pretty Kraft-coloured box with a white lid decorated with a maroon decorated ribbon and a round sticker with a message.

    Don't wait any longer and make your gifts give off tons of creativity!

  • Hosting a New Year’s Eve party? This cardboard gift box is ideal for you! This versatile little box can be used for sweets, nuts, or even for the celebratory New Year’s Eve grapes! Forget plastic bags and opt for something more sustainable with these cardboard boxes. Customise it by adding a personalised gift tag for each of your guests.

    Surprise them all with your attention to detail at this special time of year.

  • Your guests will be delighted with this New Year’s accessory! The ideal box for small gifts such as jewelry or confectionery. Make it even more unique by using string or decorative ribbon to attach a gift tag with a short message. Surprise your friends and family with these cardboard gift boxes because, as everyone knows, good things come in small packages.

  • A classic gift that never fails! With this cardboard bottle box you can wrap your favorite wine in the most original way. Its Christmas print makes it a unique detail. Decorate with your favorite accessories: ribbons, labels, strings ... You have different ways to make a personalized gift. Leave everyone surprised with a festive yet elegant touch with this individual wine box.

  • In this square box you can store any detail, from chocolates and sweets to photo frames, napkins ... Everything you can imagine. Thanks to its sash design, which provides an elegant closure, you can leave everyone speechless. It's time to make the most original gifts with this box!

  • A perfect box to store your gifts: Blankets, hats, kits ... It fits everything! With its Christmas print, you will add a unique and very festive touch to your details. This box with lid is useful both for wrapping your details and for decorating your home: it gives it such a special essence that you will want to celebrate Christmas every day.

  • On these dates we usually give chocolates, candies and cookies. Why not wrap them in a special box for them? In this square box for chocolates you can store all your sweets, and create a nice gift inside and out. You will leave everyone enchanted!

  • Cosmetics are details that always go well for Christmas. Whether it's creams, makeup, or other small gifts, the packaging is just as important as what's inside. With this versatile box you can store and package your gifts to give them a more Christmas touch. Decorate the box as you like, with stickers, ribbons or strings. There are a thousand options!

  • Box for Christmas invitations Invite your friends to dinner in the most original way! With these flat cardboard boxes and a Christmas decoration, you can create unique invitations. They will all come! You can also use this box to make small details, or keep gifts for your guests. The possibilities are almost endless with this versatile box.

  • An ideal box to send postal items that have a Christmas surprise. Its pattern is unique, and it attracts a lot of attention. Its size is perfect for you to make inexpensive shipments on dates as important as Christmas. In short, the perfect box for those small gifts that cannot be left without their owner.

  • This box is so versatile that it will be used for almost all your gifts this year. You can use it both for wrapping and shipping, with that extra protection that goes so well. Its Christmas design gives your package a very festive air, ideal for this season. Do you have your gifts ready? Time to wrap!

  • Christmas is the best time to give away special kits: makeup, painting, gardening ... There are many types! But they can all go well packaged with this picnic style box. Its handle makes it perfect to be transported, and it has a very festive design that everyone will love. Dare to create a kit to give this Christmas.

  • Make the most original Christmas gifts with this box for shipping with a print. Its unique design makes your packages have that essence so typical of Christmas, that when you open it it will be an unbeatable experience. It is perfect to keep details that need extra protection, or to send your gifts to loved ones who cannot be close to these dates.

  • Our Mommy Louise Milano Christmas edition picnic box is perfect for all of your upcoming holiday events. The box in a vibrant red color will add color to all your parties and events this Christmas. Copy this idea, choose our picnic box on the web in a Christmas color, print a personalized label and succeed this Christmas.

  • Our matchbox is a favorite of all jewelry brands. A simple but elegant basic that is easy to assemble and has a great finish. Take a look at the box we've created together with HEYLOVE and get inspired to make your own - if you need help, our design team will be happy to advise you!