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  • The decoration on this gift box is perfect for a Valentine's or anniversary gift for your partner. It's very easy to make and looks really cool.

    Just add a nice bow to the box and finish up the decoration with your favourite coloured feathers. A very romantic touch for a nice surprise. Love is in the air!

  • This gift box is most surprising. Because of its flower-shaped opening this box is perfect for a Valentine's gift or a special occasion.

    Decorate it with love messages printed with a Dymo and add a red ribbon: isn't it a romantic gift? Now you can choose who to give it to ;)

  • This delicate light pink box is perfect for sweets and little gifts, for a christening or a wedding.

    You may decorate it or print it with your company logo or a nice illustration. You'll then have a unique personalized gift box.

  • This simple gift bag becomes really original packaging thanks to this decoration you can make yourself. Ideal for Star Wars fans.

    Buy these labels, add a string to close it and decorate the box with a piece of silver washi tape. Cute!

  • How charming is this little bag, super versatile and you can use it for any small gift. Have it printed with text, a message of congratulations or the names of the bride and groom if you want to use it for a wedding.

    This printed gift bag adds an original touch to any gift. A simple yet surprising packaging!

  • 2,08 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • White box for wedding favours. Add a rustic hint to your boxes and you'll get your perfect DIY wedding.

  • Brown kraft wedding favour box, decorated with some simple accessories that give a tender touch to your wedding favour boxes.

  • Do you want to surprise everyone with the most beautiful packaging? This decorated gift bag is versatile and ideal for giving small presents. Decorated with a banner-shaped label that you can customise to your liking. It also includes a beige string and some beautiful patterns which add a natural touch to your gift.

    Perfect for sugared almonds, baptisms or communions. Simple but with guaranteed success!

  • Are you having a party? Make it the coolest party with this cone decorated box! A perfect box to keep all types of sweets or to give as a present at baptisms or communions.

    The kids will love it! Decorate it with washi tapes, labels, strings, etc.

  • Christmas is red! Surprise who you want with this little box for little gifts with red polka dot. A pretty little box, with which you can gift jewellery, accessories or sweets.

    An irresistible idea!

    Decorate it with black striped washi tape, white felt and Christmas stickers.

  • 1,77 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 1,43 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • 2,15 € /u
    for 20 kits
  • Save the Date small box to offer to your guests. Give them small wedding favours in this charming box in pastel pink, with a Save the Date tag and satin coral ribbons. Love wears pink!

    A nice way to surprise your guests on the most important day of your life. Start thinking what you’re going to put inside!

  • Display your cookies in this beautiful little cookie box. A grey box with a see-through lid, the perfect way to show off a cookie gift. Decorated with washi tape with bright pink dots and a grey satin ribbon. 

    The perfect pair to your cookie gift!

  • Sell or give natural cosmetics as gifts in this beautiful little box, see-through inside with a white slip, so as to show off your products.

    Add a personal touch to the box with a customised sticker with your brand logo. Play around with the inside and outside colours and create an attractive combination.

    Perfect for shops or gifts.

  • This box gives off so much love!

    With a pink slip and Kraft-coloured inside, you'll conquer everyone. Decorated box with dotted washi tape, a hemp string and a pretty customised label with the message "With love"

    A clear declaration of love.

  • Want your party to be perfect yet simple? It'll be easy with these popcorn boxes. With a simple design that'll go perfectly with any little extras you add, your guests will be surprised and amazed.

  • Do you want your small gift boxes to be truly unique this Christmas? It's easy with this square box. Its simple design makes it perfect for adding extra little touches.

  • Enjoy the best sweets with your guests with these cardboard boxes. They are perfect for sweets, biscuits... So practical and versatile! Thanks to their simple design, you can customise them however you want with a label.

  • Surprise all your party guests with this cone-shaped cardboard box. They are super practical and essential for the best parties! Kids and adults alike will be delighted with any sweet treat that you put inside. Do you want to give it a more original touch? You can add stickers or ribbons to it so that these boxes stand out even more.

  • This box is the perfect packaging for all types of events such as communions, parties, birthday bashes... Your favourite sweets will be nice and safe inside these boxes. Their bag shape make it perfect for storing and protecting them. Customise your design with stickers and labels and give your guests a surprise!

  • Eating just one macaroon is impossible... That’s why there is space for two in this cardboard box! It’s one of the most elegant designs in our catalogue, and it becomes even more elegant if you decorate it with stickers and labels. It has a unique seal and does not require any glue. A perfect finish for a perfect little box. What more can you ask for? This box for two macaroons is practical and pretty; it’s got it all.

  • It's a very special cardboard box for macarons with a unique seal and made with recyclable cardboard. What more can you ask for? You can customise it however you want to make it as personal as you like: ribbons, string, stickers, washi tape… There are so many options! The best thing is that your macarons will be protected and kept safe in such an elegant box.

  • They say that the difference is in the detail and we couldn’t agree more. Its cardboard sleeve is strong and its plastic base makes the inside look irresistible. With this box for one macaroon you can gift some really sweet treats, whether it be at parties, weddings or any other event. This box for an individual macaroon is good for any situation!

  • Sweets this delicious have to be shown off properly. With this long cardboard box for macaroons, you can make a special gift stand out on the inside and the outside. Decorate this box with our stickers and ribbons to give it a personal touch. Surprise whoever you want with this box!

  • This long cardboard box for macaroons has a transparent cover so that you can see how sweet it is on the inside. Its rounded-edge design gives it a unique touch.

  • If you're looking for a single box for your macarons, take a look at this one! Small, elegant and practical, it has it all. Ideal for use in pastry shops and other businesses where small items need to be stored.

  • Enjoy like a child with our animal-shaped boxes! Children and adults alike will fall under the charm of these little boxes in the shape of a rabbit, mouse and elephant. Available in different colors, they will add a personal touch to any children's event.

  • Looking for a box for your Christmas gifts? Our jewelry box with eco decoration will surprise your loved ones. The red color full of strength together with the delicate decoration in natural fibers, make a combination of ten.